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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Little Righteous "Activism"

We confess that it is difficult to be "green", sensible, logical, truthful, honest, down to earth, and all that stuff, and not be just a little "activist" oriented. So, we recently observed a cause worth noting and feel we must rattle the proverbial cage.

The CEO/owner of Whole Foods Market recently did a mentally deficient op-ed in the Wall Street Journal whereby (regarding the current health care controversy) he stated, seemingly with forethought but surely not, that only the rich like himself deserved health care. Righteously indignant folks (like now ex-customers of Hole Foods) have joined together to express their disgust with this certifiably inane diatribe from an excruciatingly dimwitted person
(he was caught spreading misinformation and unfounded rumors about competitors via a supposedly neutral "anonymous" blog).

So, the result is that former customers have established a boycott of Whole Food Market and are even picketing stores, explaining the owner's attitude to unaware consumers and recommending alternative stores.

We join in support of all former incensed customers in strongly recommending the complete and total boycott of Whole Foods Market. Sorry WF employees, we know that you are decent folks, but you should quit working for such a perpetually blatant idiot, or better yet pool your resources and buy the company from the owner, turn it into a co-op maybe...

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