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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Added Evaluating Online Health Information to our WisBits Website

Just a note that we have added a page to the WisBits website which provides our evaluation of online health oriented websites and organizations. At this point it is in an incomplete formative draft stage, but might be of benefit to anyone wanting to determine good (and bad) sources of online health information. Click on this link to go to the new page of the website if interested in taking a look at it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is a really good source of great info.

Typically, when we run across another great website or blog, we usually just add their link in the sidebar. However, we finally discovered a site that deserves a post to bring attention to it. First, do not be sidetracked by the website name, just because it has the word "sexy" in it -- this site has nothing to do with sex, but everything to do with good health.

This excellent blog has a very impressive "posse" of well known experts on numerous health subjects, many of which are doctors -- yes, doctors, some of the "good guys and gals" of the medical profession. Click on this link if you would like to first take a look at the aforementioned contributors.

If you would just like to go directly to the main home page click on this link.

Have a Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Want to make million$ ?

We monitor many sources of information, one of which is the cable news programs, but only when our patience level is high and stress level is low. This latter source tends to be highly aggravating due to the fact that all of the programs tend to dole out a minute or two of abbreviated "news" and then (after inferring an interesting topic is coming up "next") they cut away to two or three minutes of dumbed-down advertising. So, whenever we feel like tolerating this irritating scenario to see what the bribed bobble-heads are up to, we change the channel when ads come on, in the hope of finding another channel that is not doing ads.

To make it easier to catch up on the "up to the minute" news and bypass the increasing glut of incredibly obnoxious "commercials", we would like to see someone develop a mechanism that automatically detects them and switches over to a preselected list of other channels until it finds an actual news broadcast instead of increasingly stupid commercials. There would of course need to be a setup process to create the aforementioned prioritized list of programs to bounce around to, via a device like a "channel changer", which of course would need an on/off switch, as well as a time sensitive block for certain segments such as "Spin Doctor Nonsense" (er, "Nancy") and a time sensitive inclusion process such as scanning the network news programs during the morning and evening time frames.

There are many other tweaks that we would need to be incorporated into this mechanism which we will not list here, but surely anyone with enough brains to develop this concept will identify all the possible variable requirements.

If you are not the inventor type but know an inventor friend, mention this concept to them, or just slap a patent on it and sell the rights to it -- heck the "mad men" would buy it to avoid anyone to developing it...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whenever Hospitalization is Unavoidable...

CNN reported today on their "Daily Dose" segment that 40 surgeries per week in the U.S. are either performed on the wrong patient or the wrong body parts of the patient. Since this CNN news segment is broadcast during the day, we thought that we should repeat it for anyone that missed it. For emphasis, that 40/week figure extrapolates out to 8 surgeries per day -- a low percentage nationwide, but to avoid being one of those erroneously cut into, CNN suggests the following whenever hospitalized.

  • do NOT be shy, do NOT feel like you are being a pain in the butt just for simply ensuring your safety from erroneous procedures and surgeries
  • frequently state the patient's name and procedure that they are hospitalized for to any attending staff members (especially if in the ER, emergency room)
  • ask hospital staff to check ID bracelet before conducting any procedures (not just surgery)
  • before surgery, mark the body part to be operated on, but most importantly mark body part NOT to be operated on (sounds like the staff should now be doing that as "standard operating procedure" (pun intended)
Lastly for emphasis, CNN reported that an abdominal CT scan was recently erroneously performed on pregnant woman that was in the ER. CT scans emit a ridiculously high dose of radiation even for an adult, but is seriously damaging to the development of a fetus. The point being, even if you are not in a hospital for an operation, you still must take serious precautions to avoid wrongly "procedured upon". So, even if you are just in the ER to visit a friend, don't let them drag you into surgery just because your name matches that of an ER patient.  Seriously, be sure to alert freinds and family.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Roundup Onions, Garlic, Chives and the Usual Suspects

Onions, garlic, and chives are minimally antibacterial and antiviral. That means that they offer a certain degree of protection against colds and influenza. We wonder if this is due to some extent to the fact that the subsequent odors deter close proximities with strangers that might be infectious (that is a facetiousism, the properties of these veggies are the key deterrent). While on the subject, we must also inject the scientifically verified absolute concrete fact that vitamin D3 is scientifically verified as an extremely strong deterrent to colds and any flu, and that almost everyone is D3 deficient these days. But, you won't hear that from the evening news bobble-heads, your doctor, or big pharma ads -- no profit there, in fact loss of profit. We are all being conned by unethical swindlers, big time, but, "what's new" as they say...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fluoridated "Spring Water"?????

Ran across a local grocery store store-brand plastic bottle, labeled as fluoridated spring water. Of course, the word fluoridated was in small, thin, light colored letters but spring water was in large, bold, prominently colored letters -- the effect was to see spring water but not fluoridated. ARRRGH! Why do that? The whole point behind water from a "spring" source is to avoid the toxins. We wonder now if in really fine print on the back of the bottle that maybe it was confessed that the water was bottled from tap water (which already conveniently contains fluoride, hence "fluoridated") during the spring season of the hear (hence "spring" water), or if that was the ill-logic of the labeling and they just did not bother to mention it... Big Food finds yet another way to deceive and poison the populace.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Create your own blog/site like this one

If you, or someone that you know (that has some time on their hands and you would like to give them something to occupy their time) might like to create a blog and website similar to Wisbits, first understand that it can be done for free, and secondly that you do not need to be a website developer nor even technically inclined, and lastly that you/they might even make dollar or two in the process, not to mention feeling good about helping out other people...

We repeat that there is no cost involved, you might even make some money, and if you can work with typical PC software applications such as word processors and spreadsheets then you can handle the "technical" end of it -- it can all be done without "programming" languages, or "coding".

We have created a webpage over on the Wisbits website to explain in detail how to accomplish the creation a similar blog/site, just click on this link to go there.

We could even provide you with some of the "code" to save some time and effort. Jump in there and do something, the world needs all the help it can get, share your knowledge...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch house...

We have been fighting wildfires elsewhere and thought we would interject this post from another of our websites for your perusal.

The month of October was the hottest, driest October ever recorded for the region. And don't tell anyone but WE saw the highest high tide here on the intracoastal waterway during the month of October than ever before -- the water was actually coming up through the planks in the waterway boardwalk at low points. You won't hear anything about that from the big media bobble-heads though, as they are paid off by big business, real estate firms, and the chamber of commerce to keep it quiet.

Of course that "extra" water has nothing to do with the the polar ice caps melting, nor with the Greenland and Iceland ice sheets melting, nor the meltdown of the Kilimanjaro and K2 ice fields, nor with all of the planet's glaciers melting, nor with existing sea water thermal expansion due to higher temperatures which are due to increasing record levels of human-made pollutants in the atmosphere trapping the planet's heat. Nope, can't be any of those silly little ole things. Heck there isn't really any "global warming" at all according to the "Big Deniers", just because the planet's temperature is increasing, it'll start going down again, someday, after we are all living up in the mountains, close to the seashore at the foot of the mountains. We even noted one Big Denier comment that even if everything does melt, then all the sea life will die from the toxins we are dumping in the oceans and that will make plenty of room for the melt water, heck the water levels may even go down...

By the way, having mentioned Iceland, we hear that they are thinking of renaming it soon to No-iceland, or Iceless-land, or Iceallgone-land, or Whuthappendtoduhice-land. Hey, seriously, do a search on "rising sea levels map" for some very interesting information, especially if you or someone you know lives or owns property in a low lying coastal area. Here we all come Montana!