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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Want to make million$ ?

We monitor many sources of information, one of which is the cable news programs, but only when our patience level is high and stress level is low. This latter source tends to be highly aggravating due to the fact that all of the programs tend to dole out a minute or two of abbreviated "news" and then (after inferring an interesting topic is coming up "next") they cut away to two or three minutes of dumbed-down advertising. So, whenever we feel like tolerating this irritating scenario to see what the bribed bobble-heads are up to, we change the channel when ads come on, in the hope of finding another channel that is not doing ads.

To make it easier to catch up on the "up to the minute" news and bypass the increasing glut of incredibly obnoxious "commercials", we would like to see someone develop a mechanism that automatically detects them and switches over to a preselected list of other channels until it finds an actual news broadcast instead of increasingly stupid commercials. There would of course need to be a setup process to create the aforementioned prioritized list of programs to bounce around to, via a device like a "channel changer", which of course would need an on/off switch, as well as a time sensitive block for certain segments such as "Spin Doctor Nonsense" (er, "Nancy") and a time sensitive inclusion process such as scanning the network news programs during the morning and evening time frames.

There are many other tweaks that we would need to be incorporated into this mechanism which we will not list here, but surely anyone with enough brains to develop this concept will identify all the possible variable requirements.

If you are not the inventor type but know an inventor friend, mention this concept to them, or just slap a patent on it and sell the rights to it -- heck the "mad men" would buy it to avoid anyone to developing it...

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