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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch house...

We have been fighting wildfires elsewhere and thought we would interject this post from another of our websites for your perusal.

The month of October was the hottest, driest October ever recorded for the region. And don't tell anyone but WE saw the highest high tide here on the intracoastal waterway during the month of October than ever before -- the water was actually coming up through the planks in the waterway boardwalk at low points. You won't hear anything about that from the big media bobble-heads though, as they are paid off by big business, real estate firms, and the chamber of commerce to keep it quiet.

Of course that "extra" water has nothing to do with the the polar ice caps melting, nor with the Greenland and Iceland ice sheets melting, nor the meltdown of the Kilimanjaro and K2 ice fields, nor with all of the planet's glaciers melting, nor with existing sea water thermal expansion due to higher temperatures which are due to increasing record levels of human-made pollutants in the atmosphere trapping the planet's heat. Nope, can't be any of those silly little ole things. Heck there isn't really any "global warming" at all according to the "Big Deniers", just because the planet's temperature is increasing, it'll start going down again, someday, after we are all living up in the mountains, close to the seashore at the foot of the mountains. We even noted one Big Denier comment that even if everything does melt, then all the sea life will die from the toxins we are dumping in the oceans and that will make plenty of room for the melt water, heck the water levels may even go down...

By the way, having mentioned Iceland, we hear that they are thinking of renaming it soon to No-iceland, or Iceless-land, or Iceallgone-land, or Whuthappendtoduhice-land. Hey, seriously, do a search on "rising sea levels map" for some very interesting information, especially if you or someone you know lives or owns property in a low lying coastal area. Here we all come Montana!

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