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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fluoridated "Spring Water"?????

Ran across a local grocery store store-brand plastic bottle, labeled as fluoridated spring water. Of course, the word fluoridated was in small, thin, light colored letters but spring water was in large, bold, prominently colored letters -- the effect was to see spring water but not fluoridated. ARRRGH! Why do that? The whole point behind water from a "spring" source is to avoid the toxins. We wonder now if in really fine print on the back of the bottle that maybe it was confessed that the water was bottled from tap water (which already conveniently contains fluoride, hence "fluoridated") during the spring season of the hear (hence "spring" water), or if that was the ill-logic of the labeling and they just did not bother to mention it... Big Food finds yet another way to deceive and poison the populace.

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