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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Updates to the Pain and Inflammation Subject

Just a quick note that we have finally managed to add some important information to the pain and inflammation page on the WisBits website...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Warning on GRILLED Chicken Carcinogens

Grilled chicken is promoted as a healthy food, particularly healthier than fried chicken. However, chicken cooked on a grill over a fire has been found to contain what is said to be a potent carcinogen, referred to as 'PhIP' [sic]. Warn your friends and family. Additionally, note that any food cooked over a fire on a grill tends to produce carcinogens. Click on this link if you care to peruse an article with the specifics on grilled chicken carcinogens.

Food and Water Watch -- Take Action

We are posting below a link to the Food and Water Watch website. The link is directly to their webpage that lists safety issues for our food and water supplies. For each listed issue you can click on the "take action" button to obtain detailed info about the issue and sign and send a petition to the applicable government recipients. Click on this link to see the list of food and water issues that you can take action on. Note that there is a second page of issues that can be reached by clicking on the page 2 link at the bottom of the webpage.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Updates and Toxic Tap Water

Just a note that we have made some updates to the "Cancer" page under the "Illnesses and Diseases" category. We also include below some pertinent info that we added to the extensive category of "Hydration and Water" because we have noted that many of our acquaintances (and most fellow bar patrons) were unaware of this...

Most municipal public water systems now ALSO contaminate our tap water with the chemical "chloramine" (a mixture of chlorine and ammonia) supposedly to lower the level of carcinogenic disinfection byproducts created by the chlorination process. However, chloramine has been found to generate even more disinfection byproducts that are much more toxic than those resulting from the chlorination process. Makes us think that we don't need a cure for cancer so much as we just need to eliminate the obvious causes of cancer, like this one...

Anyway, like chlorine, chloramine remains in tap water. Granular activated carbon (GAC) or carbon filters can reduce chlorine and chloramine concentrations significantly. GAC/carbon filtered water should then be subjected to a reverse osmosis (RO) filter to remove any carbon residue released into the water as well as other toxins that GAC/carbon filters cannot remove. The reverse osmosis filter should not be used without preceding it with a GAC filter as chloramine will pass through the RO membrane and damage the filter elements. A GAC/carbon filter will remove chloramine, allowing the RO filter to effectively remove other toxic substances.

If you do not have filters for your tap water, it is often stated that boiling water for twenty minutes will eliminate most of the chlorine and chloramine. However, be advised that these toxins (along with others) are expelled from the water into the air in gaseous (breathable) form, and that chlorine gas has been used as a lethal poison agent in gas warfare. The gas might not kill you over dead at low concentrations from boiling water, but we speculate that it would be best to avoid breathing it.

Another more plausible means of eradicating chlorine/chloramine from drinking water without filters is said to be using a slice from an orange in a glass of water, or an entire peeled orange in a gallon of water -- wait at least thirty minutes before drinking. In the absence of an orange, any fruit with a high content of vitamin C that is pulpy or absorbent will suffice, as well as a pinch of ascorbic acid. Lastly, in the absence of these substances, it is said that exposing water to air and sunlight for a few days will result in "decomposition" of some of these toxins -- into what they decompose we are not certain, but we speculate it isn't good stuff...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Added a Couple of Important Links

We feel compelled to mention that we have added a couple more important links to the "Some Good Sites" section in the sidebar to the right, since the new links would be easy to miss if you had already perused that section on a previous visit. For your convenience, we provide the new links here in this post with some info on them...

Environmental Working Group - Toxins, Contaminants, Safety. The content on this site is NOT about "the environment", as in tree-huggers and climate change. Rather, it has some valuable information regarding the toxins and contaminants that we come into contact with daily, like that...

Link to a Searchable Cosmetics Database. Check out the toxicity and dangers of that "war paint" that you coat your vulnerable skin with that makes your skin age more quickly, requiring more war paint, and so on...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Water Quality Report by Zip Code

Here is a link to a website where you can find a water "quality" report by zip code. The water quality report is in reality more like a "Contaminated Water Danger Report" for your region, which you may use to determine how best to filter your tap water. Note that if the water contamination report for your area pushes you to consider bottled water, that you may also find a report there on the contamination "quality" of the more popular bottled waters. Likely, your best option is to use a double reverse osmosis filtration system on your tap water, and use that to mix with the best bottled water, all of which goes into a carbon filter water pitcher (to lessen the differing strengths of the toxins in each water source). Note that we checked the "water danger" report for our area, and the residue of the "disinfectant" chemicals that the water company uses to "purify" the tap water significantly exceeded safe levels. Ah, for the good old days when our drinking water was only polluted with poisonous fluoride and toxic chlorine -- time to move up into the mountains near an alpine stream...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Online Petitioning - Don't Just Do Something, Sit There!

A visitor to our WisBits website, who was more than a little incensed about the deluge of detestable atrocities that we all are subjected to, emailed us inquiring as to what if anything could be done to address these travesties. One method, of many, that we suggested was to file (or sign existing) online petitions. There are several of these petition websites where you can search for or start a petition. We have provided below some clickable links to some that we are aware of that do not seem to have a particular bias. Pass this information along to anyone that you feel might take the time to participate. Some of these require registration to start a petition, but you can search without registering, not sure about signing. As with everything else online, be cautious about disclosing your identity, but these sites all seem quite credible based on a quick review -- you might want to check the "privacy policy" and "terms of service" if you have any concerns. Note that the petitions do NOT just sit out there in cyberspace, as the signed petitions can actually be distributed to targeted companies, agencies, entities, people...

Petition Online - Largest Online Petition Site
Go Petition - More Global in Focus
Petition Spot - More "Social" Oriented, a little kooky even...
Lobbying Forum - A little different...

It has been suggested that we also post a link to the fuderal government website page that provides information on how to contact "elected officials". So below find the link, but we feel like sending emails to paid-off politicians is generally to be equated to the proverbial act of "urinating into the wind" -- but it probably gives some bored secretaries and bobble-heads a good laugh...
How to contact elected politicians

"Powdered" Bisphenol-A ("BPA") is now on your Shopping Receipts

Now that the word finally got around that the populace was being exposed to the dastardly bisphenol-A (a.k.a. "BPA") chemical via plastics and canned products, it has been discovered that the Medical/Industrial complex implemented yet another, easier, more effective way to inflict this danger on even more humans.

First, if you have not been warned about BPA, suffice it to succinctly state that BPA is hazardous to your health -- a recent study covered by the Journal of the American Medical Association associates cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and “other problems” with BPA. The "other problems" are infertility, cancer, malformations, and DNA permutations. This toxic substance has been proven to be injuriously debilitating to the human body and should be avoided -- a few bans have been put in place by location, but it should be banned altogether by our "protectors", the FDA.

Independant researchers have recently determined that the crisp, clean receipts that you receive while shopping are coated with a powdery layer of BPA, and they conclude that we are getting considerably more exposure to BPA through shopping receipts than we do through bottles or cans.

Further, receipts that use BPA "technology" on average will have 60 to 100 milligrams of "free ranging" BPA on them. The BPA in plastics are bound into a polymer and must leach out into the contained product over time, but since the BPA on receipts are loose molecules, the BPA powder will end up on your fingers and then on or in anything you touch, like your eyes, lips, and food that you ingest.

This is a faster and much more effective method of directly poisoning more of the public than having to rely of the slow process of BPA leaching out of plastic used by only some of citizenry, resulting in more health problems with more patients, much more quickly, for more easy money for the profiteering Big Med "sick care" system.

Why did independent "researchers" have to discover this? Exposing the entire populace with the dangerous poison of powdered BPA should not occur at all for any reason -- but without even any warning, not even informing the public that they should wear gloves when handling receipts? They put warnings on products for other similar, less volatile dangers -- why was this allowed and just who approved it? Where are our many well paid government "watchdogs"? Why aren't the Big Media bobble-heads warning us about this?

Every once in a while I catch myself thinking that some new discovery of evil treachery instituted by the Medical/Industrial complex is the absolute worst that I have ever heard of and hopefully ever will, but this detestable powdered BPA scheme has to be near or at the top as the all time most despicable plot to sicken the entire citizenry.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Little Humor in the Midst of Madness

Hippocrates, the originator the Hippocratic Oath, the oath of physicians, is said to have made the statement, "Let your medicine be your food, and let your food be your medicine."

Ancient lore records that he made the above statement during a meal of a Vienna sausages, a bag of cheese curls, along with a cola, and a Ho-Ho pastry for desert -- thus, the origin of the word "hippocrat", then "hippocrit", now spelled as hypocrite, very appropriate for the "father of medicine".... Hey, a little humor is good.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Updates to Vitamins and Supplements

Just an FYI that we have been making some (other) important updates to the subjects of Vitamins and Supplements (some of which, but not all of which, we have noted here. Click on this link to go directly to the vitamin page of WisBits.

How to Identify Low Quality Supplements

We have been asked if there is an easy way to ID the cheap supplements referred to in the prior post regarding the Centrum brand of "drugstore vitamins". Well first the obvious, if you are in a drugstore, they are very likely cheap low quality supplements loaded (like a firearm) with toxic substances. Price of course is another obvious identifier, as the high quality supplements are more expensive to produce and therefore have a higher price tag -- hence the old adage, "you get what you pay for", but in the case of cheap vitamins it might be more correct to state that you are paying for what you do NOT get and getting malnourished and toxified... Otherwise, check the following points.

One way to identify low quality supplements is by the use of standardized “USP” vitamins. For example, “thiamine USP″ is indicative of the synthetic chemical form of vitamin B1. Another indicator of cheap vitamins is the use of "cyanocobalamin" for the B12 vitamin. These forms of the B vitamins actually sap cellular energy from your body to make them usable to any extent (you will actually feel fatigued rather than energized).

And, a way to identify high quality supplements is to look for the “coenzyme” forms of the B vitamins (listed using the word “coenzyme”). Or, the high quality form of vitamin B12 will appear as either "methylcobalamin" or "hydroxycobalamin". The "methyl" prefix on methylcobalamin stands for methylated, which is a good thing indicating high quality if noted elsewhere.

The Centrum brand of Vitamins are Toxic Junk

We have warned against consuming "drugstore vitamins" in more than one place on the WisBits website but have not yet elaborated on the point extensively. So we thought that we finally should, since we just ran across an article that stated that the Centrum brand of "vitamins" is the highest selling vitamin in the U.S. and we already know that their product is highly tainted with fillers, excipients, and synthetic low grade vitamins that are not absorbable. The bottom line is that these junked up "sick pills" fill you with toxins but do not provide benefits. There is actually an entire website devoted to explaining how lousy Centrum "vitamins" are -- click on this link to go to the "Centrum is Toxic" website for more information. Note that this applies to most all "drugstore vitamins", not just Centrum.

So, you are maybe questioning why they would produce such a debilitating product? Just what is the devious collusion behind this asinine scenario? The answer is that drugstores are providers of pharmaceuticals, which are produced by Big Pharma and prescribed by Big Medicine, both of which benefit if you consume drugstore vitamins that provide little or no nutrient value and instead fill you up with toxins, both of which will result in your contracting illness and disease, both of which will throw you into the clutches of conventional western orthodox medicine for "treatment" and prescriptions for pharmaceuticals, which of course will send you back to the drugstore pharmacy to get your prescription filled for even more poisonous junk, and while you are waiting you can procure even more of their toxic products...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Avoid Contact with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

For now, we are posting this skeleton warning as an precautionary alert. The Journal of Science just reported findings that in a study 67% of those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome were found to have an infectious virus, referred to either as "Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-related Virus", "Xenotropic Mulv-Related Virus", or Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus, abbreviated as 'XMRV' or 'XMLV'. XMRV/XMLV is a retro-virus, a member of the same family of viruses as the AIDS virus. By contrast to the aforementioned 67%, only 3% of individuals not having CFS were found to have this virus. What all this means is uncertain at this point, but until the researchers get this sorted out, the point that we are attempting to make is to be cautious if coming into contact with anyone diagnosed with CFS that has not been tested for the virus, due to the possibility of contracting the infectious XMRV/XMLV virus. It has not been specified exactly how this virus is contracted, although the definition of infectious used the term "transmitted through the air breathed"... It is speculated that the virus results from CFS, not that the virus causes CFS. We will follow this issue and provide updates when new information surfaces.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Added "Over the Counter Stuff"

We have been refining and adding little stuff here and there that is not worth mentioning, but we thought that we should point out that we have added the "Over the Counter Stuff" page for warnings and recommendations on what you should be aware of about "drugstore" stuff. We have only one topic for now in that category, but an important one if you purchase OTC pain relievers.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Warning on Gelatin

We observed a woman on the beach today feeding her child a container of Jell-O and thought we should add an informative warning about it on the Nutrition Warnings section of the site, and after doing so felt that it deserved a quick note here on the blog. Gelatin is produced by "boiling down" the bones, skins, and hides of slaughtered livestock (cattle, hogs, etc. - if you ever saw the movie "Soylent Green" you might wonder what else they dump into this disgusting concoction). A point on the immediately preceding "what else" conjecture: there are "disposal" services that come around and pick up dead animals, to include long-dead, rotting, maggot infested "road kill", and we wonder what they do with the carcasses -- do they end up being boiled down into gelatin?

Anyway, boiling down (using toxic tap water of course) this vile effluvium from slaughtered animals littered with residues of growth stimulants, antibiotics, and who knows what other toxic substances, results in what the "Big Food" industry aggrandizes as a "protein rich collagen". This convoluted collagen is then re-boiled and re-filtered numerous times, and is finally dried and ground down to a powder. Because the collagen is "processed extensively", the final product is not categorized as an animal product by our protectors (sic) at the big industry paid off, politician controlled FDA. We wonder, what is the real chemical composition of this rancid "stuff", and whether or not there are any remnants of the aforementioned residues in it, and what types of illnesses and diseases it might have a part in triggering -- wouldn't this stuff minimally be carcinogenic?

As if this "end product" wasn't bad enough to start with, they then colorize it with toxic dyes and add sugar to it and box it up and sell it as foods such as "Jell-O". No wonder cancer is so prevalent... Of course, gelatin is added to many other things that we ingest, even capsules for drugs, vitamins, pills of any kind, so be wary.

Update: we just stumbled across information that (we confirmed) indicates that "some" vaccines contain gelatin -- are you asking yourself why?

Warnings on "Star Fruit"

We heard about this and verified it, and apparently this is not well known, so thought we should flag it here on the blog as a warning. The carambola fruit, known more commonly as the "Star Fruit" (due to it's shape), is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C but it has been stated to be harmful to anyone with kidney problems and some deaths have been attributed to the consumption of it. This fruit also is said to contain a neurotoxin which invokes "star fruit intoxication", resulting in insomnia, confusion, vomiting, numbness of limbs, convulsions, and decreased muscle power. It is stated that those with healthy kidneys are able to filter out the neurotoxin, but why ingest it at all? It's a neurotoxin! It must do some damage to healthy kidneys? It may not kill you or make you sick if your kidneys are fine and you are tolerant to neurotoxins, but who knows what it DOES do to a healthy body on a small scale in the long term. Our recommendation is to avoid anything that may possibly be detrimental in any way and get your antioxidants and vitamin C another way, avoiding foods such as the star fruit.

El Nino Frequency Increasing

Finally got the computer back from the tech guy for a while, so thought we would insert the following blurb about the increasing frequency of the El Nino weather phenomenon (from one of our other websites) for your consideration...

An interesting statistic on the number of years between the last four El Nino's. This year, 2009/2010, with the prior El Nino occuring in 2006/7, before that 2002/3, and before that 1997/98. So the progression going backwards is 3, 4, and 5 years. So the last two El Nino's have occurred one year sooner than the prior one (in case you were wondering, going back in time before 1997 the number of years between each El Nino was five years). Note that the dominant causation feature of an El Nino is a warming of the Pacific ocean equatorial surface temperatures, with the effect being warmer winters in the northern hemisphere. And, yes, the opposite effect, La Nina, ocean cooling, has begun to occur less frequently with less lowering of temps (despite glaciers and polar ice caps melting), while the more frequent El Nino's have higher and higher temps. This all adds up to more "warming", and now more frequently. "Theoretically", looking ahead based on the above noted progression, we will have only two years until the next El Nino following this one, and then they should occur every year, or all the time (they last for a year). Shouldn't this be on the "news"? Are we the first to notice this? Heck no, the "Big Media" bobble-heads have been forced to keep it quiet -- we got more important things to deal with, like the site of the 2016 olympics. We live in "The Age of Stupid" (there is a documentary out now with that title, about global climate change).