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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Powdered" Bisphenol-A ("BPA") is now on your Shopping Receipts

Now that the word finally got around that the populace was being exposed to the dastardly bisphenol-A (a.k.a. "BPA") chemical via plastics and canned products, it has been discovered that the Medical/Industrial complex implemented yet another, easier, more effective way to inflict this danger on even more humans.

First, if you have not been warned about BPA, suffice it to succinctly state that BPA is hazardous to your health -- a recent study covered by the Journal of the American Medical Association associates cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and “other problems” with BPA. The "other problems" are infertility, cancer, malformations, and DNA permutations. This toxic substance has been proven to be injuriously debilitating to the human body and should be avoided -- a few bans have been put in place by location, but it should be banned altogether by our "protectors", the FDA.

Independant researchers have recently determined that the crisp, clean receipts that you receive while shopping are coated with a powdery layer of BPA, and they conclude that we are getting considerably more exposure to BPA through shopping receipts than we do through bottles or cans.

Further, receipts that use BPA "technology" on average will have 60 to 100 milligrams of "free ranging" BPA on them. The BPA in plastics are bound into a polymer and must leach out into the contained product over time, but since the BPA on receipts are loose molecules, the BPA powder will end up on your fingers and then on or in anything you touch, like your eyes, lips, and food that you ingest.

This is a faster and much more effective method of directly poisoning more of the public than having to rely of the slow process of BPA leaching out of plastic used by only some of citizenry, resulting in more health problems with more patients, much more quickly, for more easy money for the profiteering Big Med "sick care" system.

Why did independent "researchers" have to discover this? Exposing the entire populace with the dangerous poison of powdered BPA should not occur at all for any reason -- but without even any warning, not even informing the public that they should wear gloves when handling receipts? They put warnings on products for other similar, less volatile dangers -- why was this allowed and just who approved it? Where are our many well paid government "watchdogs"? Why aren't the Big Media bobble-heads warning us about this?

Every once in a while I catch myself thinking that some new discovery of evil treachery instituted by the Medical/Industrial complex is the absolute worst that I have ever heard of and hopefully ever will, but this detestable powdered BPA scheme has to be near or at the top as the all time most despicable plot to sicken the entire citizenry.

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