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Monday, October 5, 2009

El Nino Frequency Increasing

Finally got the computer back from the tech guy for a while, so thought we would insert the following blurb about the increasing frequency of the El Nino weather phenomenon (from one of our other websites) for your consideration...

An interesting statistic on the number of years between the last four El Nino's. This year, 2009/2010, with the prior El Nino occuring in 2006/7, before that 2002/3, and before that 1997/98. So the progression going backwards is 3, 4, and 5 years. So the last two El Nino's have occurred one year sooner than the prior one (in case you were wondering, going back in time before 1997 the number of years between each El Nino was five years). Note that the dominant causation feature of an El Nino is a warming of the Pacific ocean equatorial surface temperatures, with the effect being warmer winters in the northern hemisphere. And, yes, the opposite effect, La Nina, ocean cooling, has begun to occur less frequently with less lowering of temps (despite glaciers and polar ice caps melting), while the more frequent El Nino's have higher and higher temps. This all adds up to more "warming", and now more frequently. "Theoretically", looking ahead based on the above noted progression, we will have only two years until the next El Nino following this one, and then they should occur every year, or all the time (they last for a year). Shouldn't this be on the "news"? Are we the first to notice this? Heck no, the "Big Media" bobble-heads have been forced to keep it quiet -- we got more important things to deal with, like the site of the 2016 olympics. We live in "The Age of Stupid" (there is a documentary out now with that title, about global climate change).

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