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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Centrum brand of Vitamins are Toxic Junk

We have warned against consuming "drugstore vitamins" in more than one place on the WisBits website but have not yet elaborated on the point extensively. So we thought that we finally should, since we just ran across an article that stated that the Centrum brand of "vitamins" is the highest selling vitamin in the U.S. and we already know that their product is highly tainted with fillers, excipients, and synthetic low grade vitamins that are not absorbable. The bottom line is that these junked up "sick pills" fill you with toxins but do not provide benefits. There is actually an entire website devoted to explaining how lousy Centrum "vitamins" are -- click on this link to go to the "Centrum is Toxic" website for more information. Note that this applies to most all "drugstore vitamins", not just Centrum.

So, you are maybe questioning why they would produce such a debilitating product? Just what is the devious collusion behind this asinine scenario? The answer is that drugstores are providers of pharmaceuticals, which are produced by Big Pharma and prescribed by Big Medicine, both of which benefit if you consume drugstore vitamins that provide little or no nutrient value and instead fill you up with toxins, both of which will result in your contracting illness and disease, both of which will throw you into the clutches of conventional western orthodox medicine for "treatment" and prescriptions for pharmaceuticals, which of course will send you back to the drugstore pharmacy to get your prescription filled for even more poisonous junk, and while you are waiting you can procure even more of their toxic products...

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