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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Online Petitioning - Don't Just Do Something, Sit There!

A visitor to our WisBits website, who was more than a little incensed about the deluge of detestable atrocities that we all are subjected to, emailed us inquiring as to what if anything could be done to address these travesties. One method, of many, that we suggested was to file (or sign existing) online petitions. There are several of these petition websites where you can search for or start a petition. We have provided below some clickable links to some that we are aware of that do not seem to have a particular bias. Pass this information along to anyone that you feel might take the time to participate. Some of these require registration to start a petition, but you can search without registering, not sure about signing. As with everything else online, be cautious about disclosing your identity, but these sites all seem quite credible based on a quick review -- you might want to check the "privacy policy" and "terms of service" if you have any concerns. Note that the petitions do NOT just sit out there in cyberspace, as the signed petitions can actually be distributed to targeted companies, agencies, entities, people...

Petition Online - Largest Online Petition Site
Go Petition - More Global in Focus
Petition Spot - More "Social" Oriented, a little kooky even...
Lobbying Forum - A little different...

It has been suggested that we also post a link to the fuderal government website page that provides information on how to contact "elected officials". So below find the link, but we feel like sending emails to paid-off politicians is generally to be equated to the proverbial act of "urinating into the wind" -- but it probably gives some bored secretaries and bobble-heads a good laugh...
How to contact elected politicians

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