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Monday, October 5, 2009

A Warning on Gelatin

We observed a woman on the beach today feeding her child a container of Jell-O and thought we should add an informative warning about it on the Nutrition Warnings section of the site, and after doing so felt that it deserved a quick note here on the blog. Gelatin is produced by "boiling down" the bones, skins, and hides of slaughtered livestock (cattle, hogs, etc. - if you ever saw the movie "Soylent Green" you might wonder what else they dump into this disgusting concoction). A point on the immediately preceding "what else" conjecture: there are "disposal" services that come around and pick up dead animals, to include long-dead, rotting, maggot infested "road kill", and we wonder what they do with the carcasses -- do they end up being boiled down into gelatin?

Anyway, boiling down (using toxic tap water of course) this vile effluvium from slaughtered animals littered with residues of growth stimulants, antibiotics, and who knows what other toxic substances, results in what the "Big Food" industry aggrandizes as a "protein rich collagen". This convoluted collagen is then re-boiled and re-filtered numerous times, and is finally dried and ground down to a powder. Because the collagen is "processed extensively", the final product is not categorized as an animal product by our protectors (sic) at the big industry paid off, politician controlled FDA. We wonder, what is the real chemical composition of this rancid "stuff", and whether or not there are any remnants of the aforementioned residues in it, and what types of illnesses and diseases it might have a part in triggering -- wouldn't this stuff minimally be carcinogenic?

As if this "end product" wasn't bad enough to start with, they then colorize it with toxic dyes and add sugar to it and box it up and sell it as foods such as "Jell-O". No wonder cancer is so prevalent... Of course, gelatin is added to many other things that we ingest, even capsules for drugs, vitamins, pills of any kind, so be wary.

Update: we just stumbled across information that (we confirmed) indicates that "some" vaccines contain gelatin -- are you asking yourself why?

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