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Thursday, September 24, 2009

"New" Sun Crystals Sweetener

Since we touched on the subject of sweeteners on the WisBits website, we thought we should post about the "new" sweetener in town. Although we were unable to find the exact percentages of the ingredients in "Sun Crystals", the best we could manage to determine is that it consists largely of Stevia but also contains an indeterminate amount of "sugar cane" that we suspect to be a very low amount. Note that the sugar cane plant is what sugar comes from and that we did find references to sugar from the cane plant. Also, there are many references to replacing stevia with "erythritol", which is a sugar alcohol, which on the main product site it states that Sun Crystals does not contain sugar alcohols. This is all a little perplexing, but our guess at this early stage is that they are simply adding a very small amount of sugar to stevia to make it sweeter. Long story short, whereas regular stevia or Sun Crystals are safe as opposed to the artificial sweeteners (e.g. aspartame), we still feel that if you absolutely must sweeten something, go with raw uncooked honey.

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