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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Noting an Important Update...

Some time ago, we added the topic "Dangers in the Shower", which reflected common sense knowledge acquired over time regarding precautions of showering your body with contaminated water. We have recently observed that scientific studies are now backing us up on this and even the media has been picking up on it lately. We have updated our topic accordingly regarding the new specifics and provide here a direct link to it. However, in case you do not take the time to go there and peruse it, we will concisely repeat here that the National Academy of Sciences cautions that you should let the shower water run for about thirty seconds before entering the shower to avoid the initial expulsion of the build up of mycobacteria from the showerhead. We also feel compelled to get your attention by noting here that the bacterium has the potential to cause a number of lung abnormalities such as hypersensitive pneumonitis, hot tub lung, lifeguards lung, and Lady Windermeres syndrome -- this of course is just one aspect of showering your skin, the largest body organ, with the abundant toxic impurities hiding in "treated" water.

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