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Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to the Deja Vous Future Once Again

We have gone back to migrating the original "Google Sites" version of Wisbits to an actual hosted website. Consequently, that intensely laborious effort is eating up most of our computer time and not much updating is going on in the interim... This is an incredibly slow process, as it takes HOURS to cleanup the horrendously over-obfuscated code that Google Sites auto-gen's for just ONE web page. In a couple of days at this we have managed to knock out only four pages, so it is going to be a few more days before we are ready to switch to the new website. This would be the opposite of Yogi Berra's quote "We're lost but were makin good time", or instead "We know where we're goin, but we're NOT makin good time".

When we complete the migration, we will notify of releasing the new site here on the blog and then will change the link accordingly. Meanwhile, check out the links to the websites that we listed a little further down the page on the right side. Or, click on this link to a trailer for the movie "The Age of Stupid".

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