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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wicked-pedia Warning

Once upon time, back in the golden age of the Wikipedia website, we heralded this one time jewel as a middle of the road source of accurate information. However, over the course of the last year or so, we have observed a gradual change, almost like a "take-over" by what appeared to be becoming biased maintainers of the information. As in biased in favoring mainstream, conventional, conformist, big business, establishment misinformation. So much so, that we developed a tendency to ignore the site when it came up in search results, like it just was not reliable or even credible anymore. And today we listened to a report on National Public Radio regarding the Wicked-pedia downward spiral into disinformation. People were calling in to NPR that were actual Wikipedia contributors and complaining that their updates were being deleted if it did not conform and in some cases radically altered to reflect the aforementioned biases of big biz, big med, big pharma, like that, and to not reflect the original intent. We have to assert that the aforementioned "biggees" seem to be pouring their money into biased ghostwriters (the AMA recently admitted to doing just that for studies and reports and we feel they are doing the same thing across the world wide web). So, beware wicked-pedia, and as we have cautioned before, be wary of any other info you find on the web -- try to check out the authors and funding behind it, altho that can be impossible, in which case you just have to be skeptical and think about what it says and maybe the "why" of it all.

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