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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Under Cover of Daylight

Based on the lack of posts on this blog it might seem to you that we have not been doing much on WisBits, and we thought that we should point out that we have actually been pretty busy working on just about everything site-wide, mostly refining but also adding a few little things here and there that we did not feel were significant enough to merit noting them here. So, we have made minor updates just about everywhere and thought that we should point out that once in awhile it might be advisable to go back over everything in subjects of interest to you to see what might be new and also for the sake of "review" (a volunteer "critique-er" mentioned this, in the context that there is a lot of valuable information on WisBits to assimilate and remember). Also, as a further "excuse" for our seeming inactivity, we should note that we have been delving into considerable research to keep up to date on many "moving target" issues like H1N1 and flu vaccinations, as tons of conflicting information can roll in on any one subject daily. Footnote: actually, there was one new tip that we added entitled "Butter, margarine, and esterified oil conglomerations" at the bottom of the "Warnings" section in the "Foods" category that might be of interest if you think that those new age "healthy" margarines are going to magically fix any cholesterol problems.

Footnote: if you made a mental note that the title for this post would be a great title for a book, we confess that it is already the title of a book by James Hall.

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