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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't Microwave Microwaveable Food

We had company while fixing lunch today and they were amazed at the wisdom of our food preparation "methodology", so thought we should pass it along, as we viewed our visitors as fairly astute folks, so maybe our method is not so fairly obvious.

First, not everyone may be aware that microwaving food not only tends to disperse radiation out into your world, but it also destroys the nutrients in the food, particularly vegetables. Anyway, that is why we avoid the microwave for anything but heating up cold coffee.

Secondly, we must disclaim that we do not procure a lot of pre-packaged prepared processed salty microwaveable products containing who knows what, but on occasion for convenience in hurried times we do pick up some of the supposedly healthier microwaveable foods, such as zero trans-fat vegetable egg rolls, like that...

Anyway, in anticipation of time constraints, we keep some frozen microwaveable items down in the non-freezer section of the refrigerator so that they are already thawed out, and then remove them from the fridge a few hours before prep to minimize heat exposure in the cooking process. We then STEAM the food to the point that it is edible, with the admission that we also might pan fry some microwaveable foods in olive or coconut oil.

A simple convenient process that minimizes destruction of nutrients in pre-prepared foods, that many folks do not seem to have stumbled across. Pass the word along...

Curious Observation: ever wonder why the word refrigerator isn't spelled with a 'dg' or 'j' in it like it is pronounced? You know, the short name IS "fridge" spelled with a 'd' in it. And this word was not dreamed up hundreds of years ago when the "English" language was first dreamt up by a bunch of drunken monks holed-up in a monkeytorium... Are other languages as screwed-up as the English language? Probably, very likely all languages were dreamt up by some reclusive wiped-out "holey men" holed-up in cavernous dens across this little planet...

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