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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sanitizer Sanity

We just observed a misleading disinforming news segment on good old Big Media Good Morning America which delved into the "safety" [sic] of hand sanitizers. One of the topics featured a person that had a container of hand sanitizer in every room, in his vehicle, at work, and on his person, and used them constantly, even when moving about from room to room at home (he lived alone...). Their subliminal implication was that this extremely obsessive overuse of sanitizers on your highly absorbent skin was normal and safe.

We then concluded that everyone must NOT be aware that most of these instant sanitizers contain potent, toxic chemicals and are even "highly flammable"? Additionally, the main "ingredient" in most sanitizers is 60 percent to 90 percent alcohol -- not the same food grade alcohol used in hard liquor, but ethyl or isopropyl alcohol which is in a doubly stronger concentration than that in booze, almost pure alcohol at the high end.

Also note that sanitizers also kill "good bacteria" that is supposed to be on your skin as beneficial to your health. We should add that if ingested, hand sanitizers are a poison and will kill human beings.

Our point is, that if you are out and about amongst the virulent hoarde, sure, use a sanitizer at certain points where you may come into contact with bacteria and viruses. But, if you are at home, do NOT NOT NOT constantly over-use a chemical hand sanitizer -- use good old soap and water as much as feasible. And if you are at home and simply going from one room to another, is it really necessary to de-bacterialize yourself? Sure, feel free to use those disinfectant handy wipes in your home or vehicle if you have visitors or passengers that may deposit vermin on surfaces in your premises. And, frankly, we admit to using the disinfectant handy wipes on products that we bring home from the store, especially food stuffs, milk cartons, and the like (not only store employees handle merchandise, but goofball customers pick up products and put them back down...). Ever notice that those goofballs and employees do not even wash their hands after going to the bathroom, which usually has a door handle that you must pull on with the obtusely open-in door (isn't that against fire regulations? so what, it spreads germs...).

The GMA segment also featured a short piece on manufacturers of hand sanitizers, and also an interview with a medical doctor, with the bottom line being a brainless sermon on the safety of the sanitizers. We did not watch out the program, but we would bet that the network will be rewarded with compensation via ads by the manufacturers, which in large part are drug companies, good old Big Pharma.

If you feel that surely the media and medical community would not mislead the populace on this, just do a search on the phrase "hand sanitizer dangers" (way over 100,000 hits in just the English language).

Again, we are not entirely against the use of hand sanitizers, as we indulge in the minimal use of it ourselves when unavoidably necessary. However, do not just pick up any old sanitizer at some retail checkout line "impulse buy" location -- we advise instead that you procure a relatively safe more natural product at a "health food store" which also is devoid of suspicious ingredients contained in regular OTC sanitizers which may someday magically induce inflammation into the joints of your hands. If you doubt that, then you are gullible, naive, or very uninformed. Anything that the Big Media bobble-heads, Big Business, Big Pharma, and Big Medicine band together to preach safety about (like this incredibly obtuse GMA segment) is in reality something that should send up red flags as to something that you should instead be extremely suspicious of...

By the way, that nutcase on GMA that used sanitizers all the time, looked like some poisoned unhealthy demented dweeb that gave the distinct impression that he was on too many "happy pills"...

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