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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thieves Oil

This is not about the thieves at Exxon and their Big Oil cronies. Rather it is about thievery long, long ago back in the "dark ages". At the height of the bubonic plague, aka the "Black Death", when thousands of people were dying daily, it is said that there were those entrepeneurial types that sought to enrich themselves by garnering the valuables of the newly deceased. It is also said that these thieves had discovered a means of protecting themselves from contracting the highly contagious plague even though they came into direct contact with obviously infected dead bodies and of course the possessions of said dead peops. The secret is that they used antiseptic "handi-wipes" -- no, just kidding. Actually, these desperados were said to have had access to what became known appropriately as "Thieves Oil", said to have been developed by some "Wise Women" of the times based on hundreds of years of knowledge.

This thieves oil concoction as it exists today consists of the oils of clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary. Which makes us wonder -- since eucalyptus only grew in Australia, a very remote island continent far away from the epicenter of the plague, which also happened to be pretty much devoid of civilization back in the dark ages as far as we are able to ascertain -- if this thieves oil isn't more of a modern day mixture that has been bestowed with this fabled history to provide more credibility and instill interest.

Admittedly, all of these oils are said to exhibit anti-viral properties, as well as antiseptic, anti-fungal, and even antibiotic properties. They are also said to be natural pesticides, although we are not sure that is significant regarding this particular analysis. The quality and strength, and therefore the effectiveness, of these anti-everything properties likely depends on the production process employed by the manufacturer, and we are as yet unaware of any specific measurement process for these attributes, like 80 proof for liquor.

Also, we have noted numerous articles about this oil, none negative (apparently Big Pharma has not hired ghostwriters to discredit it yet), and many articles of course (by retailers of the oils and likely some of their "affiliates") that emphatically promote the effectiveness of the product.

We will provide one link to a site of special interest, which lists 101 uses for thieves oil (uses other than protection from germs while pillaging diseased dead bodies).

If you have any experience or comments on this topic, we would like to hear from you. We would prefer not to hear about "lifting" jewelry from corpses though.

Disclaimer. We have no personal experience with this concoction, as yet. However if we ever actually do have any kind of serious influenza, we plan to give it a try. Point is, this is just an interesting looking concept that, give the times, we thought we would share the information with our readers, and we are not in any way making any claims as to it's effectiveness, other than concluding that the info that we have perused on it so far sounds quite credible...

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