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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Novel Humor

We find it curious that the medical/pharmaceutical industrial media complex often uses the term "novel" regarding their methods and procedures and drugs and diseases, such as "the novel H1N1 virus...", "a novel detection method...", "the novel drug combo..."

It is of further interest to note that definitions of the word "novel" are "pleasantly new or different" and "an extended fictional work".

Since the plethora of fabrications defecated by the medical/pharmaceutical industrial media complex are of a highly deceptive intent, we feel that their use of the word "novel" is well applied using a word that means "fictional".

OK, so it wasn't that funny, if at all, but our point is that it is best that you associate their suspiciously odiferous emissions as "extended" fiction unless proven otherwise, however unlikely that they might actually happen to be stating the truth. Adjust your mindset, be wary, be safe...

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