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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Immunity and pH Balance

For some time, we increasingly ran across some seemingly obscure observations that indicated that it appeared that people with a normal pH balance, ranging to slightly alkaline, were considerably less likely to contract influenza and those that did, fell into the group that had the so-called mild cases of the flu. Conversely, those individuals that had a slightly acidic pH balance were more likely to contract the flu and have more severe cases with complications, and those that were so acidic that they were considered to have "acidosis" were having the most severe cases of flu. This could be attributable to the correlation that people with acidic pH balances have lowered immune systems.

At any rate, we eventually decided to do a little research on the subject. We found that this concept dates back to about a century ago, before pH balance was a commonly known factor. Back then, ingestion of baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) was a common household natural remedy for avoidance of colds and flu. Consumption of baking soda is said to have come into heavy use during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 where it was noted that it appeared to be effective. It is interesting to note that it is now known that ingestion of baking soda alkalises the bodily pH balance, and that most people back then, and especially now were/are said to be acidic to at least some extent if not very acidic.

All things considered, we advise checking your pH balance and if it falls into the acidic range, take measures to adjust it accordingly. There is a variety of pH test paper to determine pH balance, and it can be procured at drug stores and health food stores, where you can also find natural supplements to alkalize (altho you can alkalize, albeit more slowly, via diet and home remedies such as baking soda). Be sure to read the directions with the test tape, as many factors can affect the testing and results can vary accordingly, so you need to perform several tests in as accurate a method as possible to determine your condition, but most people will be acidic. Note that if you have inflammation of any kind, this may well be an indication that you are acidic, and can benefit from alkalizing.

Alkalizing with baking soda. First note that some baking soda products are said to contain aluminum, and some products even list it as an ingredient on the label, but some that are said to contain it but do Not list it. To be safe, only procure baking soda that openly states that it does NOT contain aluminum -- costs a little more, but aluminum is said to be toxic to the human body. Anyway, the "old time formula" for dosing with baking soda is for the first day to take six doses of a half teaspoonful in a glass of water every two hours. Then on the second day take four doses in the same manner, cutting back to two doses on the third day. After that take a one dose each morning until your pH tests normal.

Alkalizing foods. We have addressed this topic on the WisBits website. If you would like to peruse the information, click on this link to the pH balance page.

Alkalizing with bromelain and supplements. Also addressed at the link just above.

Bottom line comment: if you are proven to be highly acidic, you have a serious condition which makes you susceptible to dangerous diseases other than just lowered immunity, and you should employ any and all alkalizing tactics immediately. However, we must note that the pH balance must be monitored, as excessive over-alkalizing may lead to the opposite side of the spectrum known as alkaline which also has it's dangers...

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