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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wireless Mobile Phones Radiation Emissions Ratings Database

The is a topic that we have not yet had the time to report on, but do intend to do so as soon as feasible. As we have inferred before there are so many lies to refute, so little time to do so. Anyway, in the interim, here is an article about the worst offenders, so if you are looking to upgrade/buy, best to check this out, along with other sources of course. If you are not looking to upgrade/buy and already have a wireless phone, we hope you know about the dangers of the radiation from them and that you also know how to minimize your exposure. If not, we are thinking that we should tackle that next, so check back, but meanwhile we briefly express our opinion on the subject below following the links...

Link to Ten Best Wireless Mobile Phones for Minimal Radiation

Link to Wireless Mobile Phone Radiation Database Ranking All Phones

Our opinion on wireless phone radiation. We have observed many controversial positions on the issue of the microwave radiation generated from wireless phones being carcinogenic. Some contentions seem logically obvious, such as the increased incidence of tumors in people that were known to be heavy users of wireless phones for a prolonged time, with the tumors being more prevalent and appearing near the area where those people tended to hold their wireless phones close to their head. On the other side of the controversy is the powerful, monied wireless phone industry, refuting any connection of their product with tumors, funding studies that "prove" [sic] that wireless phones microwaves are not carcinogenic. This position of the wireless phone industry is very similar to many of the other powerful well monied entities such as the vaccine industry which also denies the dangers of their product and funds studies in an attempt to deflect reality. Add to these industries, others that benefit such as the profiteering oncology industry, paid scientific shills, hired ghostwriter experts, bribed politicians, bribed regulatory agencies, and the paid-for mainstream media, and we have to be realistic and conclude that it is best to avoid or at least minimize in any and every way feasible exposure to the microwave radiation from mobile wireless phones. Lastly on this issue for now, children should not use mobile wireless phone devices under any circumstances.

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