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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Mainstream Propaganda Machine

We recently observed several articles scattered here and there, all of them regurgitating the same "news" in a similar but slightly different fashion. This supposed "news" regarded what was being referred to as a "dietary supplement" that was found to be responsible for some adverse "side effects", similar to those that are consistently warned of with pharmaceuticals (of course).

Out of concern and in the interest of fairness, we looked into the matter with the intent of issuing an alert here regarding what seemed on the surface to be a new issue that deserved a warning.

It took a great deal of effort on our part to get to the bottom of the "story", as there was very little actual information on exactly what the "supplement" was nor what was at the root of the problem. We did finally uncover the fact that this "supplement" was traced to a chiropractor in the state of Florida, and that three of the flavors (of how many flavors we were unable to determine) of this supplement (a liquid apparently) were found to contain excessive amounts of chromium and selenium, 17 times the amount regarded as safe. The FDA "was" [sic] investigating how the excess amounts got into the product, but there was no conclusion on that either, and the inference seemed to be that it was an accidental mistake in the manufacturing process.

So, we hereby make a very long story short with the following simplistic bullet points that we finally managed to mine out of the itty bitty ant hill of extremely ambiguous (dis)information.

This "news" story was actually TWO years old and was not even very significant when it actually broke back then.

This current versions of the two year old "news" story was highly obfuscated with very little specific information relating to the original "story".

This "news" story was nothing more than absolute ghostwritten ambiguous obfuscations, picked up by the maelstrom of mainstream medical/pharmaceutical shills, in an attempt to discredit "dietary supplements", but was more pointedly implicating vitamin and mineral supplements by inference, with a slam also leveled at the chiropractic "witchcraft" profession in the process for "peddling" the "snake oil", which was likely manufactured by a paid shill of Big Pharma and the excessive levels of chromium and selenium were likely intentional to produce the exact effect that they did produce so that the propaganda machine could discredit anything and everything non-mainstream...

Note that the tainted product was recalled, with no actual mention of if it is still around (but does not appear to be), nor was there any mention of the manufacturer anywhere. Likely this is all classified and buried in the basement case files of the FDA no doubt, and just pops up now and then as if it was a current news story, a periodic repeat attack on "supplements" by the machine.

The propaganda machine has discovered a new tactic; if it's a slow news week, or if any of the hired shills can't think up any new lies, just go back to the archives, dig up an old story, and "doctor" it up to obfuscate the hell out of it, making it look like it is current breaking "news"...

Be wary, most of what you are told, hear, and read about anything from a governmental, medical, or big media source, is intended to mislead and deceive you, to their profit and to the detriment of the herd of lemmings going over the cliff into the mainstream medical/pharmaceutical abyss (that would be you and yours).

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