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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ha ha ha, hee hee hee, ho ho ho, boowaahahaaahHAAAHOOOEEE

The WHO-be-stoopidoes (aka the Weak Hoax Organizers, the WHO) just today, in mid February of the year 2010, had the certifiably ludicrous and incredibly stupid audacity to utter that the horrific H1N1 pandemic influenza plague may start puking, um, I mean peeking, er, peaking "in a few weeks". Yes, they meant a few weeks from today, now... This after, as you know, the rest of the sane world, even the biased mainstream medicators, pharmacators, and newsigators, admitted that the little ole H1N1 sniffle fest starting falling off, aka "PEAKING", back in NOVEMBER of LAST YEAR -- THREE WHOLE FREAKING MONTHS AGO! Even the un-credible, biased, corrupt CDC website has charts and graphs that very plainly depict the steep dropoff starting in mid-November of 2009, flat lining back below the start point, only a few weeks later, like in December of LAST YEAR...

Shouldn't there be some kind of award for an organization being so densely delusional that they don't seem to be able to comprehend just how insanely out of touch with reality they actually are. Or if they do know (which we feel is the reality) they should receive some kind of designation for their ridiculously bald faced blatant hypocrisy -- like the deranged (dis)ability of a rat to give the one finger salute to an eagle swooping in for the kill rather than running away to it's filthy stinking hole in the ground.

We could call it the "We Bee Leave In DUH Easter Boony, Sandy Clausista, und DUH Toot-toot Fairy" HELL-th A-jinksy Condemnation award. Right before we line up the buttholes in front of a firing squad and rid the planet of their putridly pestilent presence...

Disclaimer. Although we have attempted to turn this sad farcical fiasco into an amusing tidbit, we realize that some folks may not have stumbled across this "news" and might incorrectly assume that we are making this up. Sadly, WHO did manage to projectile-vomit this asinine disinformation today... Just remember this and always doubt anything that these despicable yayWHOS manage to regurgitate anything from their demented mindless minds.

Definitions of "yayWHO", also spelled as "yayhoo".

1) A bribed member of the WHO health agency that automatically emits "yay" (aka, "aye" or "yes", obtusively confuscatory with "nay" conversely meaning "no") to anything that their Big Daddies shove up their rear ends that eventually comes out of their mouths after passing through their brains which have surgically replaced their intestines.

2) A stupid person. Spelled many different ways, usually as yaywho (an inference to the WHO health organization [sic]). Usage: "He is a yaywho". Those yaywhos don't know nothin".

3) A term used to describe a certain tribe of wild individuals found in mountainous regions. Daniel Boone once described them as a race of wild hairy smelly monkey-like animules, well known for unethical behavior and fiendish actions. Daniel was also noted as pointing out that these surly misfits also resembled some physicians and pharmacists that he knew...

4) A crazy, dumb, and/or wild person under the influence of pharmaceuticals.

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