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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Proof Vaccines are NOT Effective and the CDC Lies about the fact...

Note that altho this topic mainly targets vaccines and has been posted on the FluBits blog, we are also posting it here since it points out the incredibly unethical audacity of the CDC to tell bald-faced lies to us.

In a recent outbreak of mumps in the northeastern U.S., it was discovered that 77 percent of the victims had been fully vaccinated against the mumps virus.

This "one out of four" factor just happens to conform with the admitted ineffectiveness of the inserts provided with the H1N1 flu vaccine, working "less than 30% of the time" (how MUCH "less than 30%"...).

Now for a dose of reality. The CDC, aka the Corruptors of Disease Confuscation, has the unethical audacity to publish the lie on their website that in their biased, prejudiced, paid-off, blatantly deceptive opinion, the mumps vaccine is "76 to 95 percent effective" [sic], the exact opposite of the truth. What a bunch of low-life sinister charlatans.

Remember this, apply it to all vaccines, to all health agencies, and to the mainstream medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex. Their toxic, poisonous vaccines are NOT effective, certainly NOT safe, and they ALL lie about it...

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