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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The El Niño Snowstorm: for the Dastardly Dense Demented Derelict Deniers

This tidbit is directed at countering the Dastardly Dense Demented Derelict Deniers of global warming that (either uninformedly or hypocritically) ludicrously point at the current snowstorms in the U.S. and utter, "seee, dairs no glubal warmin". Ponder the following facts.
  • This planet is currently experiencing a strong "El Niño".
  • Along with other notable deviations from normal, this cyclical weather phenomenon increases the occurrence of major snowstorms in the midwestern and especially in the middle Atlantic U.S. states, such as we have been observing.
  • A blocked North Atlantic weather pattern is currently combining with the El Niño and results in increased cold temperatures in the United States (and other regions).
  • The top ten worst winter storms in the history of the mid Atlantic states transpired during an El Niño in combination with a blocked North Atlantic weather pattern.
For the demented derelict deniers, what the above facts prove is that the snowstorms are normal and possibly worse because of global warming (refer to following paragraph).

For the rest of us, a reminder of the facts that the past decade was the warmest ever recorded; last year was the warmest year on record; glaciers, ice sheets, and polar ice caps are melting; this ice melt dumps colder water into the oceans; the ocean waters in areas adjacent to the ice melt have colder waters (especially the North Atlantic, where the aforementioned "blocking Atlantic highs" mix it up with El Nino); even with the ice melt dumping colder water into the oceans the temperatures recorded in the Pacific where the El Niño originates from are the warmest ever.

And that's just the proverbial tip of the iceberg -- the warming, melting iceberg -- but we are not going to turn this into a pages-long rant, that's enough for now for a sensible reminder to normal logical people.

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