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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today's Updates

On the DumBits blog: Medi-Boob People-ocide OOPS-ademic and the Big Media Boob-Tube Bobble-Head Goober-Poopers. Unfortunately, a much too realistic look at the number of deaths attributed to mistakes made by mainstream medicine, a.k.a. "death by doctor", along with our suggestion on how to attempt to avoid the medical "people-ocide" industrial complex...

On the FluBits blog: Ready... FIRE! Aim.... The latest on WHO taking the controls of the already out of control seasonal flu vaccine -- time to be REALLY concerned about what could now truly be referred to as a "shot" (as in a gun shot, not a shot of whiskey).

On the AutBits blog: The Wakefield Witch Hunt. The latest on the evil vaccine industry unconscionably, unethically, brazenly attempting to discredit and railroad the Doctor that blew the whistle on vaccines, TWELVE years ago...

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