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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Special Update: Better Food

This is just to note that we have added two more links to "Websites of Interest" on the main WisBits website as well as to all four of the related companion blogs -- which could well be of interest to many, so thought we would make note of it here, along with a precaution.

These two new websites provide sources of local "grass fed" and "free range" natural organic products. The Eat Wild website is more for locating real "family" farms, actually out in the countryside. The second site will yield local retailers actually in cities as well as out in the country, which specialize in more natural organic products.

Once caution: many of those "grass fed", "free range", "organic", "natural" products in major grocery store chains, even including many "health food" stores such as Whole Foods, could very well NOT be quite what they might be labeled as. The FDA generally allows retailers free reign with their labeling, unless it happens to be a "natural supplement". One example of this is that eggs labeled as from "free range" chickens can actually be from "factory farm" chickens that on occasion at certain intervals are given access to the outside of buildings, which could just be a slimy concrete excrement tainted open air pen -- not exactly what the term free range is intended to imply, like back in the days when we had "chicken coops" way out in the orchard and the chickens roamed all over the farm eating their natural foods.

Link to "Eat Wild" website for real farms; once there, click on the "Eatwild Directory of Pasture-Based Farms" link to locate local family farms.

Link to "Local Harvest" website to find natural organic products.

Lastly, you can always do your own research on the subject. For example, here is a "canned" Google search using the keywords "natural organic grass fed free range products".

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