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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just "doctor" it up

We just inadvertently used the term "doctored" in a phrase on another website, in the same terminology as one would say "it was 'doctored' up". The word "doctored" is defined with synonyms such as altered, falsified, adulterated, impure, loaded, dirty. Now, we question, how did "doctor" become associated with such negative terms? Or conversely, how did physicians come to be referred to as doctors? Does anyone know why? With some doctors that we know, it makes entirely too much sense tho, once we stop and think about it; like those corrupt hypocritical morons embedded within the health agencies...

Anyway, reminds us of an amusing old analogy, once uttered by a speaker in front of a large audience of farmers, back when farmers didn't have degrees. He was talking about over-educated college-indoctrinated high falutin types, and it went something like this.

"Well, you all know what that "B.S." degree stands for ('bu||sh!t'), and the advanced degree of "M.S." just means more of it, and the topmost of the degrees is of course P.H.D. which simply means piled higher and deeper".

Disclaimer: sorry to generalize, we know there are a lot of good docs out there, and most over-educated folks are deep down pretty decent people that just got caught in the system, unawares...

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