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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cumulative Effect of Pharmaceuticals

The "cumulative effect" of pharmaceutical drugs is the intense adverse reaction of a drug after it has been administered either for a prolonged period of time or ingested beyond the tolerance level of a given individual. This cumulative effect would not normally be associated with the published "side effects" of any given drug.

First, ingesting a prescription drug too frequently, aka overdosing, particularly those drugs which are excreted slowly, will result in accumulation of residual "sediments" within the organs, muscle, tissue, and even the bones of the body. At some point this produces debilitating effects, and will eventually result in a poisonous effect that may lead to diseases and cancer. Simple avoidance of exceeding the "recommended dosage" is not necessarily a means of avoiding the cumulative effect of a drug, for a number of varying reasons, but largely due to loose and even inaccurate guidelines (speculatively?) established by the drug companies, particularly in relation to tolerance levels varying widely between individuals. We logically deduce that this guideline is set minimally at the average tolerance level and does not allow for those that may be intolerant to any given drug. Note that this also applies to OTC "medications", such as Tylenol, which is also "hidden" in many other OTC products, as well as also being laced into prescription drugs, and is even found in drinking water, consequently one can overload on Tylenol without even being aware of the overdosing, hence Tylenol is the number one leading cause of liver damage even over alcohol. Be wary...

Secondly, the cumulative effect may be inflicted by ingestion of prescription drugs for a prolonged period of time. We personally know many people that have been taking the same prescription drug for decades, such as diuretics, and the prescribing doctors stated at the outset that they would have to continue to take the drug for the rest of their lives, with of course increases in strength and dosages as the (supposedly beneficial) action of the drug continually fades over time. This deleterious tactic of the profiteering western orthodox mainstream sick care medical community is referred to as "treat the symptom and not the cause" of an ailment, which of course is due to the cumulative effect of drugs and leads to more ailments which leads to the need for more medical treatment and more pharmaceutical drugs. In the example of prescribing diuretics, whereas it might be beneficial and even deemed necessary on a temporary basis, there are many alternatives to treating the conditions that lead to retention of fluids that are never addressed by doctors, only the need to use a life long drug to only counteract the symptom of a larger problem.

A third means of inducing the cumulative effect is by ingesting multiple prescription drugs, more than one of which contains the same synthetic substances and/or exhibits the same chemical properties, even redundantly inducing the same side effects. Note that many people are known to take a dozen or more prescription drugs. Do you think that these overlapping dangers have all been discovered, and if so have they have all been documented, and if so is there a thorough overlap analysis performed by doctors that prescribe drugs or by the pharmacies that dispense them?

In an attempt at being impartial and fair to the drug company community, we also succinctly note that some natural vitamins and supplements also have a tolerance level, and that the "RDA", aka "Recommended Daily" or "Dietary Amount" or "Allowance", defined loosely as the amount of an essential nutrient, such as a vitamin or mineral, established as "adequate to meet the average daily nutritional needs of most healthy persons according to age group and sex". This definition results in a rather arbitrary and very controversial measurement, and of course the actual required "average" varies by person in accordance with any debilitating conditions that they may be inflicted with, such as cumulative side effects from consuming too many prescription drugs for too long, and consequently is often well under what might be "essential" for any given person, in some cases exponentially -- that is why there are known wide spread deficiencies of vitamin D, zinc, iodine, selenium, and omega-3s, any and all of which lead to compromised immune systems. While on the combined subjects, note that pharmaceuticals and OTC "meds" are known to deplete vital nutrients. Be very wary.

Note that the "Thanksgiving Day killer" that murdered his family was on anti-psychotic and anti-depressant pharmaceutical drugs Ativan, Chronumet, Seroquel, and Atenolol. Also, realize that this drug-induced massacre was NOT an isolated incident, that this has happened before, and that it is more like a pattern than an incident... The government bureaucracy, the FDA, will never do anything about this -- the only way to combat the problem is to make everyone aware.

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