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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HFCS: the Road to Death Junction thru Disease City via Fatsville

HFCS, also known as High Fructose Corn syrup or just fructose, is a "sweetener" produced from corn which is produced by the American agricultural industry, also know as "Big Ag".

HFCS is referred to as "sweet poison" and a "slow poison". A book about HFCS is in fact entitled "Sweet Poison".

HFCS is now present in every type of processed packaged food in America.

More than ninety percent of the money Americans spend on their meals is made up of the HFCS containing processed packaged foods.

HFCS is now found in all sodas, of which the average American consumes sixty gallons per year.

HFCS is also found in all American (bottled/packaged) sweetened fruit juices.

HFCS is even used in baby formulas and baby foods in America.

The current average per capita consumption of HFCS by Americans is 63 pounds per year.

HFCS significantly diminishes the normal body signals to the brain of being satiated (unlike glucose), directly and indirectly increasing caloric consumption, promotes cravings and overeating, eventually to the point of gluttony.

Our point: numerous studies verify the above contentions and document the fact that HFCS is responsible for the increase in obesity and disease in Americans. Do you see the comparison of the traits of HFCS to that with addictive drugs?

Further, consider the following three points regarding bodily assimilation of glucose, alcohol, and HFCS.

One. The basic energy source for the human body is glucose derived from ingesting food. Stated simply, eighty percent of the glucose from a meal is distributed throughout the entire body, with the remaining twenty percent delivered to and metabolized by the liver where it is stored as glycogen until needed. Natural, no problems.

Two. By contrast, alcoholic beverages result in eighty percent of the ethyl alcohol being directed to the liver to be metabolized. Long story short, all kinds of bad things transpire within the liver and the pancreas, resulting in thirty times the load of glucose from food and leads to several diseases including obesity, cirrhosis, and diabetes. As bad as this may sound HFCS actually produces a much worse effect than alcohol.

Three. HFCS is metabolized in the same way as alcohol with the same adverse effects and more, but ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of fructose bombards the liver -- ALL of it. Another non-technical, long story short, fructose creates uric acid (causes inflammation and gout), blocks the nitric oxide enzyme (results in high blood pressure), hyperlipidemia is induced (leads to pancreatitis, bad cholesterol, cardiovascular disease), and insulin resistance is increased (leads to onset of syndrome X and diabetes). As with alcohol resulting in thirty times the load to the liver, HFCS results in forty times the load of glucose, along with causing the aforementioned adverse abnormalities and diseases.

Add to all of the above negative aspects of HFCS, researchers have recently revealed in two studies, one of which is published in the journal Environmental Health and the other by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, that HFCS is contaminated with mercury, a heavy metal that is toxic to humans and especially to the neurological function of fetuses and children. Realize that children have insatiable "sweet tooths" and ingest processed foods, candies, colas, and juices that are heavily laden with HFCS and therefore contaminated with mercury.

Further, given all the above, realize that HFCS is a known, scientifically documented slow poison that weakens, sickens, and eventually leads to debilitating and fatal diseases in increasingly innumerable Americans, about which the the supposed so-called federal "health" agencies do absolutely nothing, except look the other way, looking to their big daddies, Big Ag, Big Biz, Big Med, Big Pharma, Big Gov, Big Politics, and Big Media to all fund them and brainwash the populace into going over the cliff into the mainstream sick care system like the proverbial herd of lemmings, all for the prosperity of the profiteering aforementioned group of Big Sleazeball Hoodlums.

Now that you know some of the details of this nefarious scenario, do something about it. First learn to avoid HFCS, inform everyone you know, and then together, raise some considerable hell.

Footnote. Big Ag, et al, are running a campaign of conflicting, highly misleading, and intentionally deceptive disinformation about the "safety" [sic] of HFCS. Do not be fooled by their nefariously sinister propaganda -- the above information that we provided is scientifically accurate and well documented; the lies of the Big Sleazeballs look innocent enough, but they are just ghostwritten cleverly deceptive diversionary lies by shills using supposedly scientific sham studies paid for by the group of Big Hoodlums.

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