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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diagnose Normal Condition as Disease, Treat it with Drug that Causes Disease

If physicians talked into a device that converted their lies to the truth, about "diagnosing" a newly classified normal natural condition of the human body as a supposed disease, here is how it would go: "Hey, you got what we have started calling "ostopenia", and it's a normal part of aging, and it's not a disease, nor is it in any way actually debilitating, and we just dreamed up the word to categorize women that are on the safe side of NOT having osteoporosis, and since we went to all the trouble of inventing a name for a natural condition that's unproblematic, hey, we concocted a deleterious drug that won't be at all beneficial in any way because there is no real problem that you should take this drug for, especially because you are in such excellent health, and even though this unneeded drug will induce other illnesses and diseases through the intentionally built-in side effects, we got medications for those problems too, so pretty soon you won't be so damned healthy any more, just dependent on our "sick care" drugs until you die an early unnatural death because of all them drugs..."

We hope that our rendition of what really happened is amusing, because the truth is, it is not at all funny. The situation that the aforementioned describes is reality. Drug companies and doctors delineated the difference between normal bone thinning and abnormal bone thinning, aka osteoporisis, and for some reason decided to give this non-condition the name of ostopenia -- wallah, that allows them to classify it as a "condition". A condition for which they now convince completely normal healthy women to take a drug for this non-existent condition. A drug which has no benefit (because there is no actual problem), but of course the drug is admitted to inflict a side effect disorder (entirely contradictory to it's supposed benefit) known such as osteonecrosis of the jaw, also know as "death of bone" or "jawbone death". Other side effects associated with the useless, un-needed drug just happen to be esophageal cancer, atrial fibrillation, hypocalcemia (a blood calcium deficiency), eye inflammation leading to blindness, and of course all of the typical standard so-what silly little ole inconsequential things like ulcers, adverse skin reactions, renal failure, and default run of the mill liver damage.

You don't believe this do you? You think this is an April Fool's joke? Well, it ain't April and we ain't in Kansas anymore. So, here is a link to an NPR article that confirms that we are not making this up, as certifiably insane as it all sounds. A Mayo Clinic article provided confirmation of the admission of the aforementioned osteonecrosis "side effect".

Next time you dare to wander into the lion's den and are told you have a "condition" that you have never heard of which doesn't make any sense, be very skeptical.

In the interim, will someone out there please get infuriated about this, pass it along -- they could be doing this to your Mother, your Sister, your Wife, your Daughter, your lover, your friend...

Footnote: as opposed to our "if they told the truth, this is how it would sound" rendition above, we wonder just what in the heck they actually say to dance around the truth and convince a healthy person to take a drug that they don't need for a non-existent condition they don't even have which will induce the actual disease that they don't have. Sounds like a situation for an "expose" where a female reporter with a hidden camera visits a doc that is known to pull this trick on women, just to see how they manage to word the deception. Where is "60 Minutes" on this???

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