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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Food Label Lies

The USDA and FDA allow the Big Ag / Big Food industrial complex to get away with (among many other, much more, nefariously sinister abuses of us all) blatant outright bald-faced lies on labels of processed foods, most of which are actually poisonous in some way. But conversely, let some natural product be in any way suggestive of the true benefits of the product and the FDA raids them and shuts them down for making "unproven" claims. Your tax dollars at work: protecting the Big Ag / Big Food industrial complex allowing them to trick, mislead, sicken, and even poison us all, while they ban beneficial information that you truly need to know to keep you and yours healthy. Drives more of the sheep into the mainstream sick care Big Med / Big Pharma industrial complex, just another of the FDA's "Big Daddies" that funnels money to them behind your back and under the table...

Some of the obtuse claims made by Big Food are not so much outright lies, as they are sincere and monumental misleading deceptions. Just one minor example is that a food item can be labeled with the statement of "zero trans fat", which can be (mostly) true, inferring that it is not un-healthy, while it can actually be loaded with an overabundance of very unhealthy, heart-clogging saturated fat.

For some better examples, and to help condition your mind to the types of bulloney you are faced with, try the three links below to articles on the topic...

The point is, be wary, always consider the deceptions that Big Food is allowed to mislead you with.

Six Meaningless Claims on Food Labels

CSPI Urges FDA Crackdown on False & Misleading Food Labeling

What do your food labels really mean? Free-range, natural, non-toxic, and other myths...

Disclaimer: we recognize that some profiteering "snake oil" merchandisers invade the natural, alternative food and nutrition industry, so you need to be wary of any and all statements of beneficial properties of "natural", nutritional products...

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