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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thousands of Radiation "Injuries" Yearly

Last year over three thousand patients were "injured" by radiation overdoses with most of them being serious enough to necessitate treatment in hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which use pure pressurized oxygen in an attempt to promote healing. The outcome of the treatment for these "injuries" was not stated and does not seem to be available -- surprise, surprise...

We emphasize that these injuries were known injuries, as in producing immediate and obviously detrimental effects -- some lesser "injuries" that may not be immediately obvious no doubt occur. Note that any unnecessary radiation exposure should be avoided, that the adverse effects of radiation exposure are cumulative, and that radiation from xrays will eventually CAUSE cancer.

Be wary, avoid radiation, tell everyone.

Footnote. CT scans, aka "cat scans" bombard the body with hundreds more times the dose of radiation than basic xray devices. MRI's are not nearly as bad as CT scans but are much worse than basic xray devices. However, as in the warning of this post, always consider that mis-calibrated radiation machines of even the less dangerous type can result in more danger than the most dangerous type.

Click on this link to an article about the radiation injuries if interested in more details.

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