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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Factoidz and the Lemonade Diet

Two tips in one here.

First, the link at the bottom is to a site that has an article about our second tip. This first tip then is about that site. While at the site, whether or not you check out the article about tip two, take a trip around the site. Factoidz in our opinion is one of the better generalized "tip" sites that provides all types of helpful condensed information.

Secondly, the article in the link below is about the "lemonade diet", which has been around for 70 years but for some reason we find that many people are unaware of it, altho it does seem to be making a comeback in popularity. This so-called diet is also considered a fast, a detox, and a cleanse. It is not to be undertaken lightly, as it requires a couple of weeks of determined effort, although you can bail out at any point. We have team members that have employed this diet/detox/cleanse and we have personally seen the results which are quite impressive, not only for slimming down but for a noticeable increase in well being. But, we will let the article fill you in on the details...

Click on this link about the lemonade diet on Factoidz.

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