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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Even More Proof of Our Credibility

This post is a duplication from our "FluBits" blog, but pertains heavily to the credibility of our main WisBits website, so we deja vous it all over again here...

More Proof of Our being Correct on the H1N1 Farcically Fomented False Fiasco

1. A new study by Harvard University suggests that "the swine flu pandemic [sic] has been oversold", concluding that the data available at the time that the dire warnings of a devastating death toll were not only NOT indicative of a threat of a severe epidemic, but actually should have resulted in predictions of a much smaller than normal toll from that of even "seasonal" flu. Even ABC news echoed the the Harvard study, with of course some thoroughly lame ambiguous excuses peppered in from their sponsors, the health officials that "cried wolf" and just happen to have their "big daddy" drug companies run commercials on the ABC news network -- still, they at least started off being critical of the over-zealous over-selling of the obviously over-blown non-threat before going on their delusional defense.

2. The media in France and Britain have been less kind than ABC news. They have recently reported that the H1N1 pandemic has been over-hyped by medical researchers to boost their research grants, and line the pockets of drug companies which of course provide them with said research grants, as well as many other perks we speculate.

3. Health officials in Ontario Canada have recently come out of the "denial closet" declaring H1N1 a dud pandemic [sic], inferring that the huge investments made by the government so far appears unjustified.

4. Another new study by the Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit in the United Kingdom concludes that that the H1N1 swine flu “pandemic” [sic] "was never a cause for alarm".

And we could go on and on to ad nauseum, but enough for now, as this should sufficiently provide a basis for where we want to go with the newly emerging epiphany by the scientific community that is slowly awakening to the exact same conclusions that we have been espousing for months. Which is that governmental and global health officials were (and always have been, and appear will continue to be) over-stating, over-hyping, over-blowing, over-lying about the seriousness of the H1N1 swine flu (as well as other supposed but bogus crises that did not transpire and hopefully will not transpire...). They then have the audacity to admit that they do this, but they attempt to deceive by trying to blame it on being "cautious" -- just in case an obviously milder than normal flu somehow does the absolutely impossible and turns into a devastating pandemic??? Cum own mannnn, ya'all doin it cuz duh drug compunys bribes ya'all to lie bout it...

It is important to realize and remember that while the hired so-called "experts" (that are actually paid shills and ghostwriters of the drug companies) criticize anyone that has spoken out about the needless fear mongering and senseless mass vaccination campaign, that they do so in an attempt to discredit voices such as ours that dare to defy them an tell the truth about their damnable lies.

The CDC and WHO blatantly, audaciously, obstinately, defiantly continue to spew ambiguous deceptions about H1N1 and lie about their toxic, inneffective, disease inducing vaccines. Be skeptical, be wary of absolutely anything that you hear or read in the future that may have been concocted by them and other health agencies. Always bear in mind that they are the puppet shills of the drug companies.

Our very important bottom line point is this. We were right. We researched the evidence and saw through the deceptions and told the truth, going "against the grain" of what you hear from phony "experts", against big money, big media, big pharma, and big government. We deserve enhanced credibility. Consider this a small example of the fact that we are also trying to get the word out about many other similarly critical controversies about which the populace has been intentionally misinformed, misled, and deceived about to their disadvantage, all for profit by the big money bureaucracy machine, aka the "military industrial medical pharmaceutical educational political financial insurance lobbyist complex". We feel strongly that it is in your best interest to peruse the information that we provide on the main WisBits website. Inform your friends and family, enhance your own credibility in the process.

Footnote. Sadly, as a "sign of our times" of the incredibly over-abundant absolute stupidity that prevails in the so-called hapless "leaders" of our world today, we must admit that exposing this fraudulent H1N1 hoax was waayyy "all tooo easy". Which makes us wonder about the mental capacity of the "followers" and "believers" -- surely they were/are "on drugs", big pharma's drugs no doubt...

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