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Monday, January 18, 2010

Scent of Woman

I have a point here, this is not just a rambling rant, this is some serious advice, from one "woman's man" to any and all women that want to be "attractive".

First, two points that triggered this that may be relevant to clarifying and emphasizing my conclusion.

One. I was recently within close proximity of a lady that had poofy brillo-pad hair which was not moving at all in fairly breezy conditions, had way too much "war paint" on her face nearing the amount that clowns put on, and from several feet away reeked of perfumes, hair sprays, and artificially scented things that I would prefer to not speculate about. I also unfortunately caught audible complaints about her lack of a "love life". Comment: well duh!

Two. I recently caught a report that indicated that men that breathed in the scent of a woman that was ovulating had a considerable rise in their testosterone level. In other words the men were aroused. Comment: in my experience, the real natural scents, fragrances, and aromas of a woman whether ovulating or not, is arousing. Comment: well duh!

My serious suggestion ladies, unless you are attempting to turn men off, ditch the war paint, ditch the hair spray, ditch the perfumes, ditch anything that covers up your natural fragrance. A secret: for up close and personal, that includes, especially, deodorant. Nothing -- well, one other scent maybe -- turns a man on like the natural perspiration pheromones of a woman.

Bonus point. All of that flavored, smelly cosmetic junk that turns men off is also expensive. But the absolute worst thing is that most of it is horrendously TOXIC, and to put it on your skin, your bodies largest organ, which just happens to be highly absorbable, is not at all wise to do.

Please, do NOT use that stuff. And don't tweeze off your eyebrows and paint them back on halfway up your forehead. I mean this constructively, not critically, that I look at those painted on eyebrows as a really bad thing. From my personal perspective, you might as well paint "AVOID ME" on your forehead.

Please gals, go natural, be healthy, make the guys not need those pharma drugs for arousal.

Parting thought. Have you ever been out in the countryside and observed a bull downwind of a herd of cows that was vigorously sniffing the air, with the whites of his eyes bulging out, slobbering like a mad dog? That is NOT because the bull was smelling hay in the barn...

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