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Monday, January 4, 2010

Pharmaceuticals can kill you even if you don't take them.

Pharmaceuticals can kill you and your family even if you or your family do not (intentionally) have anything to do with pharma drugs (but, they are in the "water supply"*).

First we should explain that we are acquiescing to a suggestion that we separately expand upon some information that originally was mostly a side example that we included in another post. The suggestion was that we isolate that singular topic by itself mostly for the sake of emphasis but also for clarification and elaboration, lest the importance of the ("too succinctly stated") matter be lost within the ("long winded, boring") post, which might well result in the point being skipped over by many (really? was the other post that bad?). Anyway, be aware that you may have seen this tidbit before, but not in this much detail.

Surely most everyone should be aware that it is admitted that pharmaceutical drugs kill well over 100,000 people every year -- that is, they kill people that ingest them via inducing adverse health/diseases. What many are unaware of, is that pharmaceutical drugs can kill you even if you do not ingest any, and never have.

One recent example. On Thanksgiving Day, a family, including the elderly, children, an unborn baby/pregnant Mother, were cruelly massacred by a family member, supposedly without reason, but clearly premeditated. The killer that murdered his family was known to use a deadly mind-numbing cocktail of the anti-psychotic and anti-depressant pharmaceutical drugs Ativan, Chronumet, Seroquel, and Atenolol.

A less recent example that everyone should still remember. A mother of five young children, while taking a psycho-pharmacological cocktail which included "super high doses" of Haldol, Effexor, and Wellbutrin, methodically drowned each of her five children in the bathtub.

An example from a decade ago and what you probably didn't know is that the "leader" of the killers in the Columbine school shooting was taking the prescription anti-depressant Luvox. Bet you didn't know that, it was kept quiet, like so many similar incidents where Big Media suppresses that information to please their advertisers, the drug companies that profit from these killer drugs.

Rather than ramble on with a gruesome long list of examples like these, we will simply note that almost all of the massacres over the past decade are said to have had one thing in common: that they were committed by people taking drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil or similar prescription anti-depressant or anti-psychotic pharmaceutical drugs.

There is even a technical name established just for these drug-induced murders, "akathisia", defined as "mental and physical agitation that sparks self-destructive, violent behavior." Further, "they can also induce dissociative reactions, making those who take the drugs insensitive to the consequences of their behavior."

This is outrageous. Doctors prescribe these murderous drugs like candy to thousands of people that don't need them (a new study indicates the drugs are worthless for "mild" depression), endangering you and your loved ones.

The government bureaucracies, especially the corrupt puppet of the of Big Pharma, the U.S. FDA, will never do anything about this unless the populace speaks out about the needless widespread prescribing of these drugs, and likely not even then. However, the only way to hope to combat this problem is to make everyone aware of this ludicrous dilemma and then for everyone to speak out against it in every way possible.

*Footnote. Just because you and yours and most everyone else is NOT intentionally ingesting pharmaceuticals that turn depressed or even normal people into rabid mad dogs that kill anyone and everyone, that does not mean that "you all" may not unintentionally be ingesting these dangerous murder-evoking pharmaceutical drugs. A plethora of scientific research study reports all agree that the water supply, whether municipally "treated" (aka MIS-treated) water supplies, as well as aquifers and other "natural" sources of drinking water (artesian wells, springs, lakes, etc.) all are now tainted with HUNDREDS of pharmaceutical drugs. We observe that the bureaucratic hypocrites try to push this off onto drugees peeing out the drugs and that the "wastewater" gets into the the other water supplies, but we strongly suspect that there is a "Johnny Appleseed" of Big Pharma going about sprinkling drugs into any and every place possible. And, we forsee that this footnote will culminate in yet another "suggestion" that we also transform this sub-topic into it's own separate expanded topic. Well, we already have on the main WisBits website, at least to some extent, but we admit that it needs a little work -- meanwhile, here is a link to that webpage (note that it starts out on the topic of "hydration", but that the second half addresses "water quality".

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