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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prostate Cancer Radiation Mistakes

The next post below this one addressed a report by the mainstream medical community admitting that their treatments for prostate cancer do more harm than good and that it was better for them to do nothing at all medically.

Here, we follow up on the prior post in noting that the New York Times recently published a warning that a commonly used prostate cancer treatment called brachytherapy was, you guessed it, doing more harm than good, only in this case the "harm" was deadly dangerous.

The treatment uses small radioactive "seeds" that are "implanted" in the prostate gland (ouch!) to hopefully dull the cancer. However, the investigation revealed that "mistakes" during the implant process mean the seeds may "miss the diseased prostate" and instead cause radiation overdoses to the bladder or other healthy body parts, which are then not so healthy, as in "fried" with radiation...

Click on this link if you would care to peruse the article.

Or just see the next post below if you would like some real world safe and effective advice on how to avoid prostate problems.

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