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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tech: Google Chrome Evolves

A rather technically astute friend was sitting at my side at the computer while I was digging into harvesting some online info for her, and I happened to be working with the new beta version of the Google Chrome browser using several of their new extensions, and was surprised that my friend was completely unaware of how far Chrome had evolved.

Consequently, if our very PC literate friend, who used the old plain vanilla Chrome mostly for gmail and searches, was in the dark about this supposed revelation, it occurred to me that I had been somewhat remiss in keeping up with the "technical" topics of the WisBits website.

So, thought that I should briefly point out that Google now has a new stable version of their Chrome browser that now has hundreds of add-on extensions that boosts it's functionality up there into the technosphere with Firefox. With Chrome's other admirable attributes, it now is in the upper echelon of browsers.

Point. We mostly use Firefox for hard core development, and use Chrome for research, gmail access, like that, but admit that it is getting tough to figure out what to do where nowadays, and we are beginning to see some overlap in the use of both browsers. Um, and we sometimes, if we remember to do so, use IE to check out how our websites look over there in the underworld of slllooowww browsers... To ward off Safari commentors, we admit that it is also evolving very well, but confess that we basically have gradually used it less and less, as it just does not quite measure up in extensibility...

To get up to speed with Chrome, you will first need to upgrade to the "beta" version, which I have found to be completely stable, and from there I suggest that rather than browsing thru the hundreds of add on extensions, that you do searches on something like "best google chrome extensions" to get an idea of what is out there... I suggest, minimally: session manager, WOT, and Google Bookmarks.

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