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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Asthma and Allergies: Another Part of The Big Lie

We observed with interest the announcement of the new bronchial thermoplasty "treatment" performed in a hospital as an outpatient three times over three days. Note number one was that it was stated that this treatment is not always effective (surprise, surprise) and at the end of the bobble-fest there was a much too short whisperation that "the procedure does not come without some risk", of course. Hells bells, just simply visiting a hospital invokes a risk of catching a bacterial infection that can result in permanent afflictions and even death. Then they want to stick hot pipes (which may well be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and who knows what) down into our bronchial passageways as a form of "treatment"? Geez Loueez... Note number two was that as the medical "ex-spurt" wrapped up his spiel, the news commentator, aka bobble head, astutely (surprisingly) asked the logical obvious question as to what else could be done to alleviate the consequences of asthma, to which the "spurt" did (surprisingly) respond that the underlying problem of asthma was inflammation and that if you should "fix the inflammation and that might fix the asthma" (must have caught him off guard, he told the truth rather than say take drugs for it...).

Before we address the recommended solutions for asthma and allergies, we must back up all the way to conception; yeh, pregnancy, prenatally, before birth, to point out the number one cause of asthma and allergies. Pregnant women should NOT NOT NOT be injected with any kind of vaccine (and any female that might ever become pregnant should minimize innocuous inoculations throughout life, starting at birth).

First, aside from causing astma and allergies, vaccines are associated with miscarriages and stillbirths (just check the VAERS database for all of the miscarriages that occurred right after injections of the H1N1 vaccine, which just happened to be strongly recommended by the scurrilous health agencies), as well as deformities and numerous diseases, so aside from asthma and allergies, right there is a good reason to avoid vaccines during (and before) pregnancy. Here is a direct link to our post on the subject, which also has a link to the VAERS database information -- tell everyone, pass it on...

Secondly, vaccines are admitted and documented to at least wreck, but also to even completely destroy, the immune system of the human body. The adjuvants and numerous toxins in vaccines clandestinely (you don't KNOW it, you can't FEEL it) over-stimulate the immune system as much as tenfold, by a factor of ten. For a clear analogy to remember and pass along to everyone you know, consider that instead of having a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, try having TWENTY cups of coffee after you get up, and be sure to load all that coffee up with sugar, cream, and how about some artificial sweetener that just happens to be a poison (kind of like the sugar and food additives they dump into vaccines). Does that make ANY sense? Would you do that willingly, knowingly? Again, remember this analogy and tell everyone... After the repeated over-revving of the immune system through the barrage of vaccinations that a child is subjected to, the immune system eventually begins to wear out and all types of immune disorders begin to surface; the list of immune disorders is much too long to insert here, but realize that just about any sickness, malady, chronic condition, or disease that you can think of is the result of a weakened immune system, at least in part if not wholely. The major point of this one point about asthma is to realize and remember that inflammation (which the aforementioned medical "ex-spurt" inadvertently admitted caused asthma) is a known, proven, documented immune disorder, which is the result of a weakened immune system, which is the result of a barrage of vacuous vaccinations, innocuous inoculations, shoddy shots, bad jabs, needlessly needling...

Thirdly, asthma and allergies are the result of both overactive immune systems and also weakened immune systems. Therefore, the simple correlation is that since vaccines radically over-rev the immune system and eventually weaken and destroy it, vaccines therefore induce asthma and allergies. A simple logical fact, but do "they" point that out? No, and they would somehow deny this plain simple hidden truth if asked. That is called hypocrisy, and remember the "Hypocritical Oath".

We are realizing that the topic of asthma and allergies is much too extensive to address here in a blog post, and have decided that this must instead be the subject of a webpage on our main WisBits website. We will finish compiling pertinent information and will then establish this under the "Illness and Disease" category. In the interim, we have started to address the subject of building immunity on our main WisBits website, just click on this link to go there if interested. Check back from time to time, we will advise here on our blog when we have implemented the asthma and allergies webpages on our main site.

We must close at this point by warning that "procedures" and drugs are not the answer to fixing the problems of allergies and asthma, as those efforts only temporarily treat the symptoms of the condition and do not in any way attempt to actually fix the root of the problem. Avoidance of further wrecking the immune system is a good start, then building back up the immune system is the right direction to head, noting that drugs for allergies further wreck your immune system, all a part of the intentionally built-in "rebound effect" of all pharmaceutical drugs, great for profits of the sick care industry, but not so good for the resultant weakened, sickened, and diseased populace. Be wary, beware, inform everyone...

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