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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Todays Updates, such as they are...

On the DumBits blog: CNN Med Heads Mislead. A strong example of why the pharma-funded corporate network news boobs are dangerous to your health. We feel that if the world was right, that there should be a big flashing overlay on the news broadcasts like the warning on cigarette packages, something like "The information provided on this corporate network newscast is likely misleading due to a monetary conflict of interest imposed by the pharmaceutical advertisers, and consequently is likely dangerous to your sanity, your health, and your well being".

On the DumBits blog: Third-hand Vaccine Toxins. Just a slightly humorous rant, nothing crucial, but one of the team member pseudo-proofreaders expressed her opinion that the basic theory of second-hand and third-hand exposures to toxins should be considered by everyone to some extent as potentially viable...

Since we are supposedly slacking off a little this weekend, we thought that we would provide you a link to an interesting site about the need for a new Bull Moose Movement. For the younger crowd, that is not about male moose poop, rather it regards a political movement that was seen as needed 100 years ago by then president Teddy Roosevelt ranting about political corruption of the two "partys" that we are STILL stuck with, the Demon-Rats and the Re-Poop-Lickers. So, here is the link to the Bull Moose Movement website if you happen to be fired up about the bribery, corruption, collusion in D.C. -- what does "DC" stand for anyway, maybe "Derelict Congress" or Detestable Collusionistas or Damnable Crooks or Disgusting Creeps or Despicable Cheaters or?

And one more link. We often deride mainstream media for being puppets of big money, mostly big pharma, stating our disgust with their campaign of disinformation, deceptions, and blatant bald faced lies to deceive and brainwash the populace into being subjected to practices that weaken and destroy them to the profit of the mainstream sick care system. So, it is with enthusiasm that we pass along a link to a site named "TV News Lies", which parallels our often stated perspective of the corrupt media. Here is the link to

Note. We are still in the midst of putting out some wildfires, doing some scattered work on the main WisBits website, while also getting out and enjoying some nice weather here for a change. Consequently, you all may not see much activity here this weekend, but we should be back at it "full tilt" by Monday, after a little weekend partying.

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