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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Todays Updates

On the FluBits blog: H1N1 Vaccine Admitted to Induce Paralysis, and "The Cocktail Effect". This is a crucially important "must read", for the safety and well being of you and yours, for your knowledge base to warn others about. Do you want to be paralyzed? Do you want your child to be paralyzed? The propaganda machine fakes you out by blurting that this is rare and that it "only" happens to one little old person in a million, but do YOU want your child or yourself to be that ONE? Think about that, long and often... Do you want to take the chance of being paralyzed just in the hope of avoiding the remote possibility of maybe preventing catching the long shot H1N1 flu that is admitted to be weak and has gone the way of disco? It has happened to yet another "one" victim, and this post much too clearly explains the admission of mainstream med that it was the H1N1 vaccine, but most importantly we point out the reality of what they avoided admitting that you must realize and remember and tell everyone about.

On the AutBits blog: Molecular biologists know how to turn on and turn off autism?. Another "must read", whether or not you have any interest in autism, as this post reveals more crucially important information for your knowledge base for the health and well being of you and yours...

On the DumBits blog: Doctor Assisted Suicide Happens Thousands of Times Per Day, Clandestinely. An invaluable rant, to condition your mindset to where it needs to be to avoid "death by doctor", "death by surgery", and "death by pharmaceuticals"...

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