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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Tool in the War against the Deviously Demented Deceivers

Priority update: it has been pointed out that everyone that has their own blog or website should have the Sidewiki software installed in their own browsers in order to view what might be posted in Sidewiki about their own websites and blogs.


We have previously mentioned and you have all run across those charlatan shills that post blatantly devious brainwashing lies on one of those sinister corporate funded websites which allows no comments to be posted refuting the extremely misleading insanities. Or, if you can leave a comment, the wacko butt heads filter or delete anything that does not conform to their evil mantra.

Now there is a means of communicating your message to other visitors of these demonistic corporate funded websites without any interference from the offending website. At some point, this tool will likely be employed by the sleazy corporate funded shills to strike back at anything that cuts into their profits, such as the truth. But, since Google provides this tool, and since our group of truth tellers will eventually drown out the liars, we should all employ this tool and inform others of it.

Well, the Google tool is named "Sidewiki" -- a wiki that resides in the sidebar of browsers and if you are not familiar with the concept of a wiki, it provides the facility to provide further information about the website you are currently visiting. To use it requires installing the software for it in your browser. Further for anyone else to view the content of the tool, they must also install the software, so the value of the tool is limited to the small base. Note that aside from this limitation, that the tool also has other advantages which you will easily discern.

Below is a link to more information about installing and using the tool. Now, start using Sidewiki to strike back at the dark side, and be sure to tell everyone about this method of telling the truth.

Link to Google Sidewiki info.

Footnote. We recall that there are other components similar to Sidewiki, so if anyone has suggestions regarding additional components that we all should be aware of, we would appreciate it if you would let us know...

Tip. If you install Sidewiki and it does not seem to show up, there may be a trick to it. First, you need to go to a site that actually has had a Sidewiki entry posted to it. The webpage at the link above has such an entry. If you it is still not there after installing it, and you have questions, just send us an email...

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