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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Todays Updates

On the FluBits blog: Smart-Bomb-Tumor-Killer "vaccine" announced. Big Pharma news announced today that they have come up with a "smart bomb vaccine" that wakes up the apparently asleep immune system of the human body and bombards it with instructions and GPS coordinates to attack cancers. We think that in reality the pharma-istas finally woke up and realized that natural alternative cancer fighters actually cured cancer and that the deviously ill-conceived mainstream chemo-radiation "snake oil" actually killed most cancer patients, so they sneakily have devised a "vaccine" that is actually a clandestine combination of secret natural alternative cancer fighters which will actually cure victims instead of killing them. Ka-ching! But, the problem is...(more).

Note: not much surfacing out of the WisBits world today folks, had some wildfires explode onto the scene right after posting the above humor to start the day. But, if any of you all are getting up there in years, like at or approaching the golden years, we ran across a great resource that you might find informative as well as interesting. If you are not quite there yet, consider any of your elders that might benefit... The blog goes by the name of "Time Goes By", and here is a link to it, landing on the page of an article of like-minded interest to anyone that would be visiting here...

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