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Monday, March 1, 2010

Todays Updates

On the DumBits blog: Dumber than a Horny Toad. A little humorous poke at the dimwits that "lead" the world, over the proverbial cliff...

On the DumBits blog: Hey Kid, How Bout Some Deadly Crud. A little poke at some not so humorous junk that poisons you, but our admitted underlying intent is to try to get everyone to ponder just what they put into their bodies...

On the DumBits blog: Raise Some Bloody Hell. The feds are decreasing social security benefits, claiming that the cost of living is not going up. Please take a minute to let them know that they are bloody wrong...

On the DumBits blog: "We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change". An op-ed by Al Gore blasting the densely demented deniers that pointed to the recent snow storms, which were CAUSED BY global warming, and laughed it off as global cooling. Fun-neeee... MORONS, NITWITS, NUMBSKULLS, DEMENTED DUMBASSES!!!

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