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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Todays Updates

On the FluBits blog: Another Needle for the Vaccine Camel's Back. A "must read" for anyone uninformed about the lack of and the loss of vaccine potency and the fact that they "expire", decreasing in potency, if they ever had any to start with, over a period of a few months. Whereas, the toxins in the vaccines synergistically interact to increase in potency over time. Just how long has that vaccine been sitting on the shelf? And how long was it sitting around a warehouse before that?

On the FluBits blog: Vaccin-ictims Squeal Like Pigs Well AFTER Vaccination. Another "must read"...

On the FluBits blog: How the System is Rigged. You guessed it, another "must read". Seriously, this is what you have to comprehend for the sake of you and yours.

On the FluBits blog: How to Legally Refuse Excess Needless Ineffective Toxicly Poisonous Vaccinations. A key to enhancing and prolonging an enhanced life, or conversely avoiding a debilitated shortened costly life brought on prematurely by toxic vaccines...

Notice a patten? Like, four posts on the FluBits blog, and that's it, nothing else. Well, the weekend delving into analytical stats by the tech guy, revealed that most activity was centered there, so hence we are supposed to react accordingly by providing more information on that important subject...

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