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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beware of New "Flying" Hospital Bug

This not about the egregious number of tragic deaths that occur in hospitals. We have already covered that, long ago.

But, after hearing about a new threat in hospitals and upon researching it, we find that a more serious problem than the drug resistant MRSA infections (which is contracted largely in hospitals, and usually kills it's victims), but more importantly that very few of us seem to be aware of it, and of course the media and hospitals make no effort to warn anyone (they simply do not want you to know about the danger...). So, we hereby make some waves about it.

The new danger is from bacteria know as "clostridium difficile", aka "c-diff", which causes infections, not as deadly as MRSA immediately, but long term it can result in some rather "adverse conditions", such as colitis.

The three important issues to note regarding this emerging danger is that typical sanitation habits that might fend of MRSA do not work with C-diff, that (because of this) the number of c-diff infections have surpassed MRSA and continue to increase at an alarming rate, that more virulent forms of the C-diff bacteria are expected to emerge, and that like MRSA there does not seem to be any effective means to prevent or treat the c-diff infection.

Footnote. As with any bacteria or virus contracted in a hospital, these same infectious, contagious agents also tend to migrate to nursing homes and other types of "health care facilities". Keep this in mind, minimize exposure, keep your immune system strong (avoid vaccines which cause degradation and disorders of the immune system), and do what you can to practice good sanitation in a sick care environment.

Lastly on this, realize that this bacteria is classified as "contagious", just like a virus, in that this type of bacteria is said to develop "spores" which it can release that float around in the air -- so, infection is not just from direct contact, you can pick up the spores just by breathing.

The drug companies must be out partying, spending all their money they made from the H1N1 vaccine, as they should have already produced a c-diff vaxine -- heck, just relabel the tons of unused H1N1 vaccine and use that, as a vaccine doesn't need to be "effective"...

Warn others about this, because the media and the sick care community sure as hell are not going to warn anyone...

UPDATE! Note the following blurb from the Mayo Clinic on c-diff. "Some people who have C. difficile never become sick, though they can still spread the infection. C. difficile illness usually develops during or shortly after a course of antibiotics. But signs and symptoms may not appear for weeks or even months afterward". Now, isn't that interesting...

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