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Monday, March 8, 2010

Silent Genocide of the Elderly

It is not well known, but nursing home residents that have absolutely no psychotic disorders are given anti-psychotic drugs. The use of such powerful drugs is problematic for the nursing home residents that have absolutely no condition calling for the administration of the drugs because most of the residents already have a form of dementia, a condition that puts them at an increased risk of death when given these powerful drugs. These psychotropic drugs are designed, questionably, to treat people with severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, not dementia, and certainly not those that have absolutely no neurological problems.

Most nursing home residents are treated with these anti-psychotic drugs simply to "sedate" them (aka, to "drug" them), but especially to control and suppress behaviors of any residents that are "difficult" for the (under-staffed) nursing home staff.

It is said that victims that have been subjected to this mistreatment, that were subsequently relieved of forced feeding of these "medications", expressed that being drugged in this manner may outwardly seem like the victim is calm and complacent, but inwardly they feel alone and trapped, like being locked up in solitary confinement, a horrifically unpleasant existence for those that already have mental difficulties, or don't.

Millions of baby boomers are expected to develop dementia, many of which will end up in nursing homes. If you are a boomer or know someone that is, take note, warn others, prepare...

Footnote. Consider that rather than sedating elders with debilitating drugs, why not give them medical marijuana instead, which has been proven to be beneficial for many conditions of the elderly. Let them "grow their own" in their rooms, in the hallways, in their sun-rooms, give them something interesting to cultivate. Maybe grow some herbs and spices too... Seriously.

Note that, "it is said", that this intentional drugging of the elderly is performed primarily to reduce costs. Consider that the anti-psychotics may have a price, but the fact that they make the nursing home residents "controllable", drugged up, sitting around gazing out the window or mindlessly shoved in front of a TV all day, allows the nursing homes to "manage" the residents with considerably less staff, which saves considerably more money than the drugs cost. Our point is that this travesty is inflicted on the elderly out of greed, and everyone should raise some hell about this damnable scenario. Further consider, that could be you someday -- wouldn't you rather catch a natural buzz, get the munchees, eat some pizza, feel horny again, rather than be doped up such that you sit in a corner and slobber all over yourself, and do other things that we won't mention...?

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