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Monday, March 8, 2010

Todays Updates

On the AutBits blog: Lame, Laughable, Linkquisition. This is a follow up regarding our prior criticism of the mainstream medical establishment feebly, lamely, nitpickingly, attempting to discredit one little ole twelve year old "paper", which did not even directly state that there was a vaccine/autism link, so that the vaxxers could ludicrously blurt out that ALL vaccines were "not guilty" of anything. What kind of mood altering drugs are those vaxxers on anyway? It must make them incredibly stupid, although they may well have started out that way... A serious point, this itty bitty fiasco is not just about autism, it is also about the smokescreen mirage that the established mainstream medical bureaucracy unconscionably fabricates to justify their certifiably insane peddling of vaccines which induce diseases that result in more profits for them.

And lest you miss it, directly below this post, is another post that we made today, regarding the "Silent Genocide of the Elderly". Now if you think you are not in that category, of "elderly", or do not know someone that is, we suggest that this presents vital information for everyone, because someday YOU are going to get there, and what is going on with the mistreatment of our older generation now needs to be understood by all and addressed, before YOU get there. "This ain't pretty", something needs to be done...

On the DumBits blog: if you just might like a "get away from it all" thing, try our post "Itty Bitty Titty Committee" for somewhat of a divergence from the usual...

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